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10. Hopper Dies (A Bug's Life)

Hopper was an evil grasshopper that the ants had to fight against. Flick got warriors to fight against him but they were really circus bugs. So Flik needed to defeat Hopper himself. It was a dark and stormy night when Flik defeated Hopper. Hopper got eaten by a bird. 9. Alex gets tranquilized (Madagascar)

When Marty escaped the zoo to go to the wild Melman, Alex, and Gloria had to go get him. Marty went to take a train at the Grand Central Station and everybody saw the animals there and wanted to get them out of there. Then somebody shot Alex with a tranquilizer and that's how they got shipped to Madagascar. 8. Hotel Transylvania

OK, so you might be wondering why there's a whole movie on this list when this is the top 10 scariest animated movie MOMENTS. Well, Hotel Transylvania is a scary movie about monsters so it counts. Hotel Transylvania is definitely a scary animated movie. It could even scare little kids sometimes. All the characters except Johnny is a monster. It has a vampire, a werewolf, and all kinds of monsters. And Johnny fell in love with Mavis. I would never fall in love with a vampire. 7. Gru tells the story of El Macho (Despicable Me 2)

El Macho was evil. And if there was anybody In the Paradise Mall that had the PX41 serum it was him. Lucy didn't believe Gru when he told her that Eduardo was El Macho. But Gru knew the whole story of El Macho and it's a scary story. He was the only one in the Paradise Mall that could have the PX41 serum. 6. Stoick dies (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

This was a pretty sad moment. But before Stoick dies when Toothless is getting ready to kill him it's pretty scary. Toothless looks like he's about to do something and Hiccup is scared. And you don't know what Toothless is going to do. Is Toothless going to become a bad dragon? What's he going to do? Then it becomes a sad moment when he kills Stoick. 5. The Trojan War (Mr. Peabody and Sherman)

Mr. Peabody invented a time machine called the WABAC. Mr. Peabody and Sherman used the WABAC to go back in time to different places. But Sherman wasn't supposed to show it to Penny and he did. After Penny got engaged to King Tut Sherman goes to fight in The Trojan War. Mr. Peabody doesn't want Sherman to fight in The Trojan War but Sherman does it anyway. Mr. Peabody is scared when Sherman is fighting in the war. And after Sherman fights in the war Penny and Sherman think Mr. Peabody died. 4. The incinerator (Toy Story 3)

The toys all could have gotten burned. But the 3 aliens saved them. But if the 3 aliens didn't save them there was no way to get back to Andy. And if you're watching the movie for the first time you just won't know how they're going to get out of there and get back to Andy. They might just have to die. 3. Monsters Inc.

Another whole movie. Monsters Inc. is a scary movie. It's all about monsters. It's about monsters scaring children. This movie could scare children. This movie could give them nightmares. They might think it's true that monsters go into their bedrooms and scare them. This movie might not be very appropriate for little kids. They can really have nightmares because of this movie. 2. Shifu fights with Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)

Tai Lung was evil. Everybody tried to defeat him. But nobody ever defeated him. Not even Shifu could ever defeat him. Tai Lung really wanted the scroll and he got mad at Shifu for giving it to Po. That's how they got into this fight. Tai Lung wanted Shifu to give him the scroll but Shifu didn't want to. He said he would rather die. Shifu never could defeat Tai Lung. The only one that could defeat Tai Lung was Po. 1. Saving Princess Fiona (Shrek)

The castle where Fiona was trapped is a very scary place. When Shrek and Donkey first go in there everything is quiet and dramatic. But then the dragon shows up. And they are all very scared of the dragon. They need to slay the dragon before the dragon attacks them and then get out of the castle. Then later the donkey and the dragon get married.


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