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So everyone that is anyone just saw the new 'Deadpool' trailer and the overall conclusion is that this movie is going to be pretty badass. There was one scene that looked slightly familiar, and a lot of fans recognized it. When the trailer explains what happened before he became Deadpool there is a short scene where Wade Wilson is standing up in a big pile of mass destruction, it looks as if a building of some sort broke down all around him.

Oh God no
Oh God no

This scene looks very familiar to the fight scene in 'X-Men: Origins' when the shitty Deadpool fights Wolverine and Sabretooth on top of a cooling tower. This scene ends with Deadpool's head being cut off and his lazer eyes destroying the tower and eventually being's confusing so just watch it.

A lot of people did not see the scene where Deadpool reaches out to grab his head and whispers "shhh". That scene looks way to identical to the one we see in 'Deapool' trailer 2 and makes fans wonder if they are staying on this route. Let's look at some of the facts.

1. 'Deadpool' movie creators and Ryan Reynolds said that this film would steer away from 'X-Men: Origins' trying to create the real Deadpool for fans that we all know and love.

2. In the comics leader of Weapon X; Dr. Killebrew tortured Wade Wilson and gave him his powers. Weapon X would send their experiments to do missions and on one mission Wade killed his teammate Slayback. Wade escaped from Weapon X falling in love with Death while Killebrew searched for Wade to execute him. Wade attempted to destroy Weapon X, later leaving him in a lot of destruction which might be the scene we see in the 'Deadpool' trailer.

Deadpool and Death
Deadpool and Death

3. 'Deapool' creators claimed they would try to parody a little bit from 'X-Men: Origins' and the scene from 'Deadpool' might be a parody of the fight scene we saw from the 'Origins' film.

There are a lot of possibilities that maybe the new 'Deadpool' will loosely be connected to the 'X-Men: Origins' film, but in all honesty it looks as if it might stay its route of staying on its own storyline. 'Origins' did follow the comics rather well and this scene in the new 'Deadpool' trailer looks as if it might just be a continuation of the comics.

Fans have been outraged seeing this scene in the new trailer but everybody just needs to chill out and hope to God it is not true.....please don't let it be true Marvel.

What do you guys think? Will the new 'Deadpool' movie be a continuation of the 'Origins' film or will it be it's own unique story? Comment below and follow for more updates!


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