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2015 was, for the most part, a great year for film. It offered something great for every moviegoer, from big-budget blockbusters to powerful indies. But it wasn't all great, and I am here to talk about the worst of the bunch. I saw about 150 films over the course of the year, and sat through an abundant amount of bad to terrible films. I probably could have created a list of the 50 worst films of the year and still had honorable mentions. But alas, here we go.

Dishonorable mentions:

  • Aloha
  • Knock Knock
  • Poltergeist
  • Hot Tub Time Machine 2
  • Terminator Genisys
  • The Divergent Series: Insurgent

25. The Perfect Guy

A slightly better, but not quite as hilariously awful version of "The Boy Next Door" (that will come later). Weak writing, acting, and directing sink this overplayed premise straight down the gutter. It's messy, boring, and absolutely no fun to watch.

24. Dark Places

Damaging it's great potential with a cast including Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace-Moritz, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan, and more, and being based on a novel by the author of "Gone Girl". It disappointed big time, being horribly written, obnoxiously acted, and featuring uncomfortable, sloppy camerawork. "Dark Places" is as bad as "Gone Girl" is good.

23. The Boy Next Door

Over-the-top and hilariously bad. Jennifer Lopez tries her best, but fails miserably. Nothing about this movie is good in any way, but I wouldn't say it's not entertaining. As fun to watch as it is, it's undeniably terrible.

22. Strange Magic

A bizarre and grating animated film brought to you by Lucasfilm. Filled to the brim with Jar Jar Binks type-humor, annoying pop song covers, and horrendously vulgar-looking animation.

21. Get Hard

Will Ferrell needs a new project to make me believe in his comedic talent again. He is terribly unfunny in this new racist, homophobic, offensive attempt at a comedy film. Kevin Hart is just as bad, but this isn't anything new for him. Sad to see wasted talent go to waste.

20. Maggie

"Maggie" is ugly to look at, terribly acted by its two leads, and unbearably sluggish. It's flat on every level, and one of the most painful movies to sit through of the year.

19. The Lazarus Effect

One of the most pathetic horror films to come out in recent memory. Its pacing does not work at all, giving only about 20 minutes of actual attempts to be scary. The performances keep it from being the worst of the worst, but it is by no means anything other than terrible.

18. Unfinished Business

Yet another lackluster Vince Vaughn-driven vehicle. Unfinished Business is horribly-pieced together, and makes little-to-no sense. The characters are beyond unlikable, the scenarios are far from believable, and the jokes are phenomenally terrible.

17. Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman: Agent 47 has absolutely no substance to it at all. The action is unwatchable, the special effects are hideous, and the dialogue is horrendous. It's bad, bad, bad.

16. Taken 3

Please let this be the final Taken film in the overdone franchise. The first was great, the second was bad, and the third was awful. With some of the worst editing in any movie I have ever seen, "Tak3n" is truly hard to watch. Liam Neeson's performance is even bad in this one, and if you can make Liam Neeson give a bad performance, you did something very wrong.

15. The Loft

Given an intriguing premise, "The Loft" fails to spark even the tiniest bit of intrigue in its audience. It's sloppily written and filled with nasty characters and bad performances, specifically Wentworth Miller.

14. We Are Your Friends

"We Are Your Friends" is a stiff and boring mess of a film. The whole premise is idiotic and the execution is unnatural and phony. Zac Efron is fine, but can't save it from being an excruciatingly dull film.

13. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

"Paranormal Activity" is another franchise that will hopefully die after this garbage. It's just another basic, cliched found footage that brings absolutely nothing new to the franchise, and holds no interest whatsoever.

12. The Gallows

Speaking of lazy found-footage horror movies, next is "The Gallows". "The Gallows" features nothing but poorly executed jump scares and unbelievably dull characters. The writing is terrible, as expected, and nothing in it works. The movie has the audacity to try to finish with a plot twist that makes absolutely zero sense, and makes you leave angry.

11. The Green Inferno

2015 was actually a pretty good year for horror films. But for every "Goodnight Mommy", there is a "The Green Inferno". I think I can safely say that Eli Roth's style (if that's what you want to call it) does not work for me. Between this and "Knock Knock", which was admittedly better than this, but still far from good, I don't get the appeal. I found "The Green Inferno" to be disgustingly vulgar for shock value alone, and it made me feel sick. It is unwatchable for its unnecessary gruesome depiction of South American tribes. Other than the over-the-top torture porn, it's terribly acted and written.

10. Accidental Love

What a mess. What a complete and utter mess. Every moment of "Accidental Love" fails and feels like a literal nail in the head. TERRIBLE. I cannot blame David O. Russell for taking his name off of this pile of trash at all.

9. Jupiter Ascending

The Wachowskis were in way over their heads with this one. "Jupiter Ascending" is all over the place. The story makes no sense, the dialogue is cringe-worthy, and the performances range from fine (Tatum) to bad (Kunis) to horrifyingly awful (Redmayne). Every second of Jupiter Ascending is horrible.

8. Jem and the Holograms

It's just unbelievably stupid and annoying.

7. Pan

"Pan" is probably the biggest disappointment on the list. I was looking forward to it quite a bit, and then I saw it. And it was a total disaster. The visuals are hideous, the acting is shrill, and the concept as a whole is very weak. Luckily my theater's projector burnt out in the last 10 minutes, and I got to escape early.

6. Pixels

I saw two of the three Adam Sandler-led films this year, and believe it or not this is the better of the two. "Pixels" is just another poop-joke filled movie that Adam Sandler continues to appear in. It is painfully unfunny and an act of war.

5. Mortdecai

It's a good thing Johnny Depp was in "Black Mass" this year, or else I would have lost all hope in him. "Mortdecai" is garbage, plain and simple.

4. Hot Pursuit

Ugly, unfunny, unwatchable garbage. Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon give embarrassing performances.

3. Fantastic Four

A god awful disaster in every way. A baffling and devastatingly terrible comic book movie, and movie in general.

2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

The movie should come with a WARNING: MAY CAUSE SEVERE BRAIN DAMAGE, DEPRESSION, OR SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. This is one of the worst movies I have EVER seen. Worse than I could have ever imagined. And I was imagining garbage. It makes me want to never watch another movie ever again.

1. The Ridiculous 6

"The Ridiculous 6" is the laziest attempt at a comedy I have ever seen. It is excruciatingly painful and is the newest form of torture available to your enemies.

So there we have it. The 25 movies you should avoid from the year. There are some stinkers that I avoided, but I definitely saw enough. Please comment your least favorites of the year, and make sure to follow my account for more lists and reviews. Thanks!

-Nick Denbow


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