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The award season is here and while Mad Max: Fury Road made it to the best motion picture category, high accolades often overlook and snub great films while looking to commend smaller dramas. Awards tend to throw their support behind biopics and drawn out, often boring, melodramas, both whitewashing the whole roster of nominees and preventing great filmmakers from getting the recognition they deserve.

While there are some great nominees this season, such as Carol, many others follow a pattern of overpraising films involving specific actors telling a generally similar story. The smaller the better and keep it dry. The Star Wars cast isn't asking for best actor and actress award, but the cinematic experience many blockbuster films provide never get recognition. The talent that these movies bring together, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, somehow gets swept away as not serious or mention worthy such as The Room (which by the way was very dark and way too nerve-racking to get through, not bad just traumatic).

Movies that are more shocking and painful to swallow, whether that being the subject matter or the melodramatic boredom depicted on screen, are the movies that awards will look to as their pick of the year. 2015 was a difficult year for movies, but every year the award season tightest it's grip on what is appropriate to be represented in its category. Maybe it is debatable that movies such as Dope and Tangerine should get their chance in the sun, though I personally don't see why not. It's wrong to say that awards actually represent talent and recognize talented people in the film industry. If we're going to start giving Amy Schumer awards then Samuel L. Jackson is long overdo for his Golden Globe and Oscar, as well as Bruce Dern and Quentin Tarantino.

The suggestion that these are indeed best directors, actors, and filmmakers of the year is not just unfair and untrue, but annoying since it failed to make the award available to all ranges of talent. The fact that movies like Trainwreck are alternative to the usual standards is terrible (in reality though, we really only got Mad Max). It's really become obvious that awards only recognize one type of talent that simultaneously consists of the same people and awards the same movie year after year.

The Golden Globes and the Oscars have awarded a lot of talented actors and filmmakers, but in reality that doesn't happen often. What it mostly awards are repetitive genres. Does Jennifer Lawrence really need another nomination? Though with all fairness, the Golden Globes are far more liberal and hip than the Oscars. Oscars are strict on no fantasy, no science fiction (on the rare occasion if it is science fiction then no aliens or fancy business), no surprises, and nothing people actually watched. When the nominations come out many people discover these names for the very first time (though some of us have been preparing and watched everything, just to be on the safe side).

Basically you will not see your favorite movie or actor up for an award unless they made something with David O'Russell. Because even though you and millions of other people thought you saw something mesmerizing and fantastic, the awards know better and will brush off your movie as not serious enough. When in reality shooting fantasy and science fiction is incredibly difficult. You might be lucky and be Peter Jackson and get a nomination, though never an actual award. Even some quotas have to be filled by the academy. Maybe George Miller will get lucky this year (it will be a big surprise). Not because he's not a great and notable director, but because a slower pace is more popular when it comes to handing out the statue.

I'm not making a campaign for Star Wars: Force Awakens or Furious 7, though both had some award winning special affects, sound and visuals going for them (the only category in which these movies will ever get a nod), but it would be good to see actually good movies recognized for an accolade rather than the same old faces.


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