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Disney has announced that their highly-anticipated film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has joined the $1 billion dollar movie club... and not just that, but it´s done it in record time.

The film has managed to earn a billion bucks in a record-breaking, whopping 12 days. In just the U.S. of A, it has earned $544.5 million.

This announcement comes in the right time to be part of a slew of other accomplishments by the film, which includes having the biggest opening in movie history while at the same time doing it in December and having the biggest second weekend at $153.5 million.

While it may seem like 12 days is a great number, CNN Money reports is just one more day than the previous holder of Star Wars´ various records: Jurassic World, which passed the billion mark 13 days after its release.

With these awards, paired with the great reviews it currently holds, the film is certainly shaping up to be one of the biggest cinematic successes of the decade.


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