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Kurt Arthur

Possible Spoilers/Possible Theoretical Spoilers

First off, why does Zoom want Barry to become faster? Is it Henry Allen's bizarre fatherly love being twisted from the Zoom's costume (if it is Henry?). I know I started off bashing The Flash, but it my favorite show on network television by far. I will be disappointed if all Barry has to do is get faster to fight and defeat Zoom. That probably will not happen, and what are the chances that Wally West will join the Speed Force. He has not been in the show long enough to get a feel for what the writers want to accomplish with him, besides drama. Harrison Well's daughter Jesse I think is just a mere trope, and that really only leaves Jay and Barry to team-up take care of the big bad(but). I wrote an earlier piece about how cool would it be to have Jay Garrick be Zoom. I know he was the first man to carry The Flash title, and it would be redundant since last year they did the same thing with Eobard. Even though currently on this season Jay just seems a tad of a cry baby without his speed. The one thing that is almost certain, Barry will need help to take the demon of speed. In the New 52, Vibe(Cisco Ramon) is one of the most powerful hero in the DC universe. In the new continuity his sonic waves has the power to disrupt the Speed Force. I know Cisco just now got his powers, but there is still a lot left of this season. If Vibe can control his powers and then soon the breaches, then Barry would have a lot better chance to fight Zoom. Honetly, who knows what could possible come out of Earth-2. This is just one theory,but I have faith in this show to have satisfactory conclusion to this arc.


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