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There are two kinds of people in this Star Wars world: those who adore Boba Fett because of how cool he is, and those who think he's super overrated. Either way, you can be sure that there is a Boba Fett stand-alone film coming out in either 2018 or 2020. This movie will likely take place before Return of The Jedi, if you know what I mean.

We don't know tons about him so far, which paves way for an extremely interesting opportunity for a great story to be told that he so deserves. The man needs a cool story to go with that cool suit. What do we know about him so far? Well, he's a clone of his bounty hunter father, Django Fett, he has an Australian accent, he has black hair and is quite tanned. Okay, we can work with that, here's my 3 actors I think would be perfect for the role.

1. Manu Bennett

You man recognize this bad-ass Aussie from the hit TV series, Arrow, where he plays the menacing villain, Deathstroke. If you are like me and you watch Arrow, then you will know how perfect he would be. He has the looks down and he sounds almost inch perfect and he's definitely got the bad-ass points to be Boba Fett. Playing Deathstroke shows how capable he is on playing a villain, my favorite in Arrow in fact. This guy is my number one choice for this role, I would like him more than anybody as I think he is the ideal candidate. Unfortunately I don't work for Disney, so I don't have a say in the casting!

If you aren't convinced yet, check out Slade Wilson in action on Arrow in the clip above where he kicks total ass. Arrow is currently on it's fourth season and the show is as good as ever!

2. Liam Hemsworth

A young Liam Hemsworth would be another cool fit to play a young Boba Fett and he's also an Australian! He's slowly but surely rising up in Hollywood and gaining some good roles, enough to be almost on par with his brother Chris! He's definitely cool enough to play Boba, but my only concern is he ruthless enough? That's not up for me to decide, but I think it would be a cool side to see to Liam Hemsworth to really boost his status up as an actor!

3. Taron Egerton

Break-out star, Taron Egerton has a bright future ahead of him after his great performance in [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143) earlier this year. He has a sort of personality where if you see his face, you know he wont be afraid to take out one of his targets mercilessly, yet you still like the character. That's a hard balance to try get, but I think Taron could nail it! He's not Australian, but actors should be able to have an array of accents and impressions, so I'm sure he could pull it off! He's the youngest on this list so far, but Boba wouldn't be much older than Taron and I'm sure make-up and what not could age him up a bit!

So that's my three choices for Boba Fett that I think would be perfect. I want to hear what you guys think! Let me know who you would like to see behind the mask in the comments below! Be sure to follow my profile also.


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