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I'm an avid movie fan whose favorite movie ever is Back to the Future. I'm the type of person that if I like a TV show, I'll binge watch it
Franco Gucci

Are you excited paying $10 dollars three times a week to watch The Force Awakens in theaters? Would you love to watch it in your house, with whatever you´re wearing (or you might not care about that, I don´tknow), not worrying about finding decent showtimes? Well, we´re pleased to announce that, according to the go-to site,, you´ll be able to own the newest Star Wars entry in disc form in:

APRIL 2016

The site also states the film will come in two versions: 1-Disc Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray 3D, two disc edition with a digital download.

What do you think of the release of everyone´s favorite 2015 film?


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