ByCaio Fochetto, writer at

I just read Quinton's article about Boba Fett being Snoke and, at the end, he was caught in a "problem": Snoke is too tall to be Boba Fett - or anyone else we know from the franchise.

In my opinion, this is just a matter of vision. Literally.

Who told us that Snoke is 7 ft tall? I mean, we all saw him in a projection, in a hologram. In my theory, wich is in portuguese and you can check out in my site (i'm sorry, but brazilians also like Star Wars - you can use Google Translator) he could be from the same species that Yoda, which also explain his weirdo look and all his power.

It fits as a reference to The Wonderful Wizard of Us, one of the biggest references J.J. Abrams aply to Lost. So...

Also, this theory brings a kind of balance to the force - a good Yoda and a bad Yoda. Keep in mind that Yoda came to the franchise at the second movie and we all know that in this next second movie, Kylo Ren will receive a training from Snoke himself.

Obviously a lot of elements from the other movies was recycled in The Force Awakens. A younger sith being trained by a villain version of Yoda would be awesome to see. Great plot recycling.

Maybe he is not from the same species that Yoda. Maybe he could be a spited out B. Fett. But i'm very confidente that the Snoke we saw was only a huge projection of himself.


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