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Hi folks!

4 years ago I started to count in a spreadsheet every time I visited the movies and to rate each film from my perspective so at the end of the year I can pick my favorites and select the one that was for me the best movie of the year (something like my very own personal academy awards). My count this year is 39 times! My previous record from 2014 was 24 times so I think this was a very good year in the film industry and for me of course, because I enjoyed a lot.

I invite you to do the same, it is very funny and at the end of the year you can take a look at the list and remember all those movies that sometimes you forget you've watched and the others that you enjoyed the most (also you are able to realize how much money you've spent! you'll get surprised too hehe)

This year I want to share with all of you my Top 5 selection of movies from 2015 so on December 31st we'll have a winner. Here is a list in release order with a description of why I am selecting each of them. And the nominees are...

1. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I have to say that I've been loving the way Marvel Studios is creating their cinematic Universe with great movies, great cast, and great and exciting stories that connect with each other. I got so satisfied when I saw the first Avengers movie that this year I went to the movies with the resignation that there was no way this movie could be that good. But I was wrong. Even though the story is as simply as one bad guy trying to destroy the world, what I liked of it was the context, the logical connection with the other movies, the realistic interaction between the characters, and the development of these characters. I love to see them on the big screen. It is funny, exciting and it has very powerful sequences, I can't ask for more. Thank you Marvel!

2. Jurassic World

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time so I was expecting this new movie for a long time and maybe I think it got its spot in this list before its release date due to the emotional attachment I have with this franchise. My expectations were so high that it was a little disappointing for me in some points. I wanted more and I know it could be better, nevertheless the incredible experience of watching the park working at last, the new dinosaurs (I loved the Mosasaurus!!), the new characters and a new adventure was enough to confirm its place in this list (without mentioning the box office surprise it was around the world). Dinosaurs rule the earth once more!

3. Bridge of Spies

I didn't know a lot of this movie before I went on watching it but when I see the name of one of my favorite directors in a movie I do not hesitate to watch it. It blew my mind. Spielberg's storytelling for me is incredible because with the little references he is creating inside the film and those close ups he uses to describe every single detail in every scene, he creates, I don't know, a delicious experience and he always makes me want to know more about his stories. He really gets me inside the movie. This one is a very interesting and fun one, a must watch.

4. Goodnight Mommy (Ich Seh Ich Seh)

This one was for sure my top surprise of the year. As a fan of horror movies I find it very difficult to meet with a really good movie but with this one I did. I remember I was having problems to decide what film to watch the day I saw it but I am glad I picked this one. With a very small production the film achieves to keep you interested in every little detail as the suspense is increasing step by step until you find yourself watching very good terrifying scenes that you didn't expect in a very realistic and psychological way. More movies like this please!

5. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

It is the most anticipated movie of the last decade I think and for me Star Wars is the best movie saga of all time but aside from that, The Force Awakens won its place in this list by its own. In a similar way to Jurassic World, I think this movie had the potential to be even better (in terms of plot and the development of the characters) but it is indeed a great addition to the saga. New names, new worlds, new robots, new faces and old faces... All this made my emotions to go higher than ever before. A movie goal should be to make a significant impact in our emotions and this movie achieves that in many ways for sure.

This is going to be a tough selection for sure but that only means that we have spent a great time in the movies this year, I hope you agree with me. I would like to know what do you think of this selection and which one was for you the best of the year so all your comments are welcome.

I am going to announce my winner on December 31st and don't worry I will be the most objective I can be to make this decision and won't let my Star Wars geeky side to control me (yeah sure hehe)

Vote for your favorite. See you soon!!


Which film do you think was the best of 2015?


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