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After numerous articles and a review, you can pretty much tell that I love the first Jeepers Creepers film. I thought its atmosphere was really good, it had interesting characters that you cared about and a unique villian and story. I then decided to watch the second film.

Originally, I was going to do a review on Jeepers Creepers 2 but, because of the amount of negative points I have against it, I've decided to instead list everything that I didn't like about the film. This isn't to say I hated the film; I actually thought it was ok and will probably be one I'll watch if I'm bored (this makes a difference from my feelings towards the first film). However, I did have quite a few problems with it.

Too Many Characters

The first film had two main characters who were being pursued by The Creeper, and it focused on them trying to escape the situation they were in. Because there were only two main characters, the film was able to develop their behaviour and who they were as people overall. Jeepers Creepers 2 instead used stereotypes as there were too many involved in the situation. Therefore, I didn't care for any of the characters and just found them annoying.

The Gang's All Here! For The Moment...
The Gang's All Here! For The Moment...

Minxie The Psychic

Minxie seems to be the main character in this film and we also discover that she has visions or hallucinations. There seems to be no explanation as to why she has them as well, which makes the whole concept confusing and unnecessary.

Minxie's Second Hallucination

Continuing on from my previous point...what was up with this scene? This felt like a weird/horrible drug trip! I have quite a few questions about this scene (and Minxie's first hallucination):

-Why are there two people running/walking backwards behind Minxie, and who are they?

-Why does she see a dead Darry?

-Why does Darry have his eyes back for the whole of the first hallucination and most of the second one?

-Why does his eyes disappear again at the end of the second one?

-Why is he talking at about 3000 mph backwards?!

-When Darry is speaking quickly, he has a deep raspy voice. Who's voice is it? The Creeper's?


This scene pretty much exists to let Minxie know about the Creeper's gruesome actions, so she can then tell the rest of the group. The exposition scene could've been done a lot better, and actually have it make sense. The whole scene is below, and you can see the weirdness for yourself:

Stop Using Slow Motion!

The use of slow motion is only used once in both films but it really doesn't work. In the first film, the shot looks completely out of place with the previous shot, so it stands out in a bad way.

In the second film, it's obvious that the slow motion was done in the editing stage, which means the scene comes across as cheesy instead of tense and creepy. It also doesn't makes sense as to why slow motion was used, which then tells me the film needed that technique to stretch the film's running time.

The Jeepers Creepers Song

In the first film, Darry and Trisha are told by psychic Jazelle that she could hear one of them screaming while the song 'Jeepers Creepers' is playing. I found this contrasting description terrifying, as the song melody is actually upbeat; it's not a sad or scary song originally. However, no one would want to hear it against someone screaming in pain!

The song was only intended to be used in the first film (as a sequel wasn't originally planned), so it's a shame that we didn't hear that happy tune in Jeepers Creepers 2.

Oh well....we can have a nice listen to it now (and without the blood-curdling screaming):


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