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Hello fellow MPers (I know that not a word), I'm sure my wonderful presence has been missed by many but rest assured I'm back! We all I'm a major fanboy when it comes to Batman vs Superman, as it undoubtedly my Star Wars for 2016. One thing I'm noticing though is the constant theory/somewhat rumor that the villain Bizarro will be appearing in the movie. Now at first I was fine with the theory of Bizarro being the big bad even though he nowhere near strong enough of a villain to take on three superheroes as Superman can easily handle him by himself. But now there's theories that Lex Luthor will create an evil Superman clone/ Bizarro and he will be the Superman we will see for the majority of the movie and not the real Superman(The real Superman will somehow disappear for majority of the film). So apparently this movie should actually be titled Batman v Bizarro: Dawn of Justice. Now of course in order to have a strong theory you need to have strong supporting evidence. Let's take a dive into the goodies.

1) Superman kneeling in front of Lex looking pissed.

Fans theories claim that this isn't the real Superman and that it actually an evil clone Lex has created to do his bidding. Fans make the case the way Superman kneels in front of Lex with a weird look on his face and how Lex touches him like he some sort of pet points to the case that this is not our beloved Kal-El from Man of Steel. Now this point I'm willing to let slide a little bit because if I did believe that a evil Superman were in this film, this scene would be it for me . The way Luthor slightly touches him could be Lex admiring the creation he just did and that Superman would never bow down to some puny human. But the most logical and likely of the cases is Lex either has some sort of leverage on Superman(Because there were rumors of that) or Lex has good ole fashion kryptonite that is making the Man of Steel weak. I will say that though that out of all the other reasons I'm about to put on this article, this one I give the most believability to.

2) Superman weirdly standing behind Lex Luthor

I'm not gonna lie, at first I really thought it was weird that Superman was standing behind Lex Luthor while he was rambling on about the devil and man and stuff. I mean it looks like Lex is inside the pod where Superman landed in and the fact that the coloring of Superman makes him look abit...purplish. Maybe that was the fanboy inside me saying Bizzaro could seriously be in this film. But then I pieced together some evidence and realized that is actually Superman standing behind Lex and is likely just letting him ramble on about his evil plans..just like most superheroes do. I predict this scene right here where he says "What have you done?"

Is likely after the battle between him and Batman and he goes over to Lex to find out he done something mischievous and of course like all supervillains do, explain there evil plan to the heroes. Explaining the reason why Superman is standing behind Lex because more likely than not Lex is explaining to him how he created Zodsday. I could be wrong though of course, I mean it not like I know secret details about the film I can't say right now...oops.

3) Desert Scene

Apparently fans thought the Superman we saw capture Batman and with the soldiers kneeling before him was actually an evil Superman clone. Take out clone and you would be right because that is the Superman we have seen in Man of Steel...he just really evil. But the reason why he evil because it a nightmare Bruce is having if Superman would ever go unchecked and decided to take over the entire planet. I mean it not like the costume designer didn't say so.

Zack had a great idea of this sort of nightmare-ish vision, almost a vision of the future, a post-apocalyptic vision. It's like a dream that Ben has, so we wanted to, it has almost a Mad Max quality to it where it's like the end of the world, trying to survive and then of course Superman and his minions come, so it's sort of a way of representing the amazing amounts of, the sort of obsessive quality that Bruce Wayne has about the threat of Superman.

4) Bizarro is the one that actually fights Batman

Yes. Yes. Yes. We have got the movie all wrong this whole time folks. Instead of Superman fighting Batman, the movie us fans have been waiting centuries for is actually Bizzaro fighting The Dark Knight. This one actually made me legitimately mad because it seems like fans are never satisfied or take things out of complete context. The reason why some fans think that Bizzaro is the one fighting Batman is because he say this line in the trailer "Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already" Which is weird to some people.

It not like we don't know Superman usually holds back when fighting Batman because he doesn't wanna do great harm to him. But apparently all the scenes we see of Batman and Superman duking it out is actually Batman fighting Bizzaro. So it seems like all the fans who wanted a movie with Batman and Superman FOR OVER years now apparently want Bizzaro to be in majority of the film? Yeah...

5) Bizarro turns into Doomsday...or is it really Bizarro?

This one actually isn't about Superman itself but more so about Bizzaro...a villain everyone is keen on being in this film. Apparently, everyone thinks that the creature we've seen in recent trailer is not Doomsday but is actually Bizzaro OR Bizzaro turns into Doomsday. Now the reason why fans think it either one of this two options is because of this.

The mark we see on the left side of Doomsday chest...or really Bizzaro seems to be a Kryptonian-like symbol. Now while this does look close to the symbol Superman has, it could just as well be Zod's symbol implanted in him during the process when he becomes Doomsday in the movie. Because Zod did have his own symbol in Man of Steel. Or it could just be a mark that looks similar to the ones the kryptonians wore.

Look people, I'm excited for Batman vs Superman very much as most of my articles are based on this movie. And I have created my fair share of theories in the past with some being very possible to others being downright outlandish. Now regarding the theory/rumor that Bizzaro is in Batman vs Superman.. is I'm sorry to say unlikely. The movie has already enough story to tell concerning not only forwarding the story with Superman and telling a whole new story with a new Batman but so so much more where I just can't fathom Bizzaro being able to fit in this story because then I would agree that this movie is getting a little bit too overcrowded. This is a cinematic universe people where we will see mutiple films with Batman, Superman and many others down the line that a chance of seeing Bizzaro in the future is very very likely. We don't need to say every character in the DC universe in this film because remember this is a Justice League begins type film, not a EVERY DC UNIVERSE CHARACTER IN ONE MOVIE TYPE FILM. The DC Extended Universe is a marathon not a sprint. Superman is Superman in this film. Batman is Batman, Doomsday is Doomsday and Lex is Lex. For people who are worried about how these characters will be interpreted in this film remember, there a thing called evolution and I'm highly sure that these characters in mutiple films will grow and change as characters. Just. Be. Patient.

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