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As you can see from the photo above, The Revenant comes to theaters January 8th! That means this review is filled with major spoilers!

The Plot

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as American frontiersman Hugh Glass. He is set on a path of retaliation after his crew deserted him following being mauled by a ferocious and bloodthirsty grizzly bear. Glass and a man named Andrew Henry led the quasi-military as they set upon conflict with a Native American tribe; but after he is severely wounded, John Fitzgerald - a convict played by Tom Hardy - decides to leave him to die because it is slowing them down.

The Review

The Revenant is a fantastic film and Oscar worthy! It is a brutal, emotional and intense movie. Alejandro González Iñárritu did a fantastic job directing this film. After his work with Birdman: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, he has proven that there will be more greatness to come. It succeeded in every element. Leonardo DiCaprio was outstanding - even though he had minimal dialogue. This is the best role of his career and a definite Oscar winner. Tom Hardy was excellent as well! He was a great villain who left us frightened at times. He was a vital character in the movie and is also the best performance of his career. To sum it up, the best part of the film was the bear mauling scene and the cinematography. They achieved the impossible and how established it was mind-blowing!

Some Flaws

Despite it being a great movie, there were some tiny-little flaws. The scenes where Hugh Glass is dreaming about his past memories gets kind-of careless. Like when he dreams of his wife floating above him as he lies down below as they stare at each other. Now was that really necessary? It was just a fill-in when they didn't know what else to crack time with!


Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

Metacritic: 75%

My Rating: 94%


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