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As soon as, "The Good Dinosaur," came out, I immediately had to see it so I could expand my knowledge on the Pixar Universe. The movie is based off the concept of what would of happened if the asteroid that hit Earth, missed. Arlo, a timid, green Apatosaurus who just wants to make a mark in the world... literately! He wants to to put his big dinosaur foot into some mud and make a print on a stone silo. When tragedy strikes, Alro must rely on help from a wild 5 year old boy named Spot to find his way home and conquer his fears.

Ok, sounds pretty good, I'm gonna pay money to watch that movie now! But even before sitting down into the noisy, pop-corn littered cinema, the pressure that had been place on this film dawned on my mind. First off, this film has been pretty hyped up as it is, but its following a tough act - in which I'm referring to the masterpiece, Inside Out, released in June. Ok, tough act may be an understatement. Inside Out not only grossed aprox $851 million but was well received by critics scoring 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, also giving the audience a major case of the feels (intended). So, to put it into perspective, Inside Out was like that girl who put on a fantastic performance and was a shoe in too win the school talent show, who you had to follow up with your ribbon twirling. And lets not forget, this is also the studio that have received 12 Oscars, not even counting the wins for short films! So yeah, to put it simply, the pressure is on like Donkey Kong.

Anyway, before I go on too tell you how much I enjoyed the movie, lets take a look at a small disappointment. I'd been tracking this film for about a year now and was so pumped to hear the Neil Patrick Harris and Bill Hadder had been cast (Yes! Fist bumps all round!). Obliviously the movie was bound to be epic with the likes of these comic geniuses in the works of it. So there I was, waiting for their voices to be heard. At one point I found my self saying, "Dam, Harris can really put on a great Southern accent." But after watching the end credits and not seeing their names, I took back all the fist bumps I had handed out my fellow movie goers earlier.

Moving on from this, another issue I had was that I found the movie at times extremely predictable. Particularly when Arlo and his dad, Henry (and his bucket full of dinosaurs) decided to chase after human wild child Spot, in the middle of a apocalyptic storm. Like , if I was a dinosaur in this movie and I saw a massive storm coming my way I would step back and say, " Hmmm... Better not go into that storm. Now lets go back home and eat some corn!" But noooooo! Pixar just loves to mess your emotions up by throwing you right into the storm. I also found that the movie moved pretty slowly, which got to the point where the it had been playing for an hour and you figure out that the plot of the movie centers around Arlo's journey home. So basically, the movie is about a dinosaur who wants to conquer his fear of scary chickens. Yep, I think that was the plot...

But all jokes aside, this is certainly one of the best animations of 2015. Its got the whole package; heaps of laughs, moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat... and other moments which will completely RIP your heart out in sadness and leave it on the sticky cinema floor! Sorry, the wound is still fresh... Most of the characters in the movie are lovable, like Spot, probably the cutest cave-child to have appeared in Disney history (sorry Tarzan). Although at times it seems as though the movie tries a bit hard to SPELL out the message (referencing the making your mark scene) There are great themes portrayed about conquering your fears, the power of friendship and the unity of family. In this way the movie was great as you focus on the messages instead of looking at what the world would've become if the dinosaurs where never wiped out. I'll credit the film on its breathtaking visuals, something I feel that Inside Out lacked in.

But again, if I had to compare this ribbon twirling act to the previous Pixar installment, the little voice inside my head (aka Amy Poehler) is telling me that I have to give second place to this performance. The question is now, can future Pixar films follow in these legendary foot steps, or has the bar been set far too high? Either way, it should be an interesting few years for Pixar to see if they can maintain their awesome heights with the release of sequels to their classics, like Finding Dory, the Incredibles 2 and yes... even Cars 3 aswell as new flick named Coco in the pipe line.

Anyway, after watching this movie, I feel like some corn. Until next time, this has been the Flick Bust Up


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