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Sadly, for every good cartoon there's a bad one. Nowadays, most animated shows in this category tend to have sub-par animation, terrible writing, dumpy comedy and trying too hard to be "hip". Some are harmless while others (especially those geared towards kids) should have viewers kept miles and miles away from being exposed to them. Could any of these shows be that reprehensible? Well, let's proceed on with the top 5 worst new animated series.

5. Be Cool, Scooby Doo!

First off, this series barely made it on the list. It has redeeming qualities. The characters were cast to perfection. Most of the actors who've played the mystery crew for more than a decade have returned (Frank Welker, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard) and Kate Micucci was selected to voice Velma here instead of Mindy Cohn. Yet, she makes a decent replacement. The comedic factor is random and non-nonsensical, but it can be incredibly funny in short spurts. However, the animation quality is lacking and while some jokes work. Most of them fail and bomb pretty hard. Daphne's ditziness can get tiresome and Velma's basically the Meg (from Family Guy) of the show, but she makes it worse by incessantly nagging. On the bright side, kids seem to get a kick out of it and I could see it making a turn around next season.

4. Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks

Alvinnn!!!! And the Chipmunks is basically a modernized rehash of Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983-90), with a couple ns and four exclamation points added to it. While it's a nice nostalgic element, they even use the same theme song for Christ's sake! The show tackles almost the exact issues the previous series did, except with a modern twist. They discuss relevant issues such as: bullying and dependence of technology. The cartoon's synopsis mentioned, "the series features ground-breaking animation". Visually speaking, there's nothing ground-breaking about it. The character's movements can get clunky and the facial expressions are bland. Plus, when they're doing daytime exterior shots the colors are so bright and saturated that it can be blinding to look at. If you were to ignore the fact it's basically a duplicate of the 80s series, it's okay on its own.

3. Inspector Gadget

The animation's standard and the cast is great. Tara Strong as Penny and Ivan Sherry's impeccable Don Addams impersonation are easily the best aspects of the show. However, besides that there's nothing about this that's worth viewing, this reboot of the 80s cartoon lacks what made the original a classic. The villain (Dr. Claw) is a pansy, the music and theme song is modern, generic crap, and the gags aren't funny.

2. Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Pig Goat Banana Cricket is about four friends who have daily misadventures in their surreal surroundings. While the cartoon has an inventive, artistic style and impressive vocal talent. It's full of vulgarly, grotesque material and pointless story lines. The characters themselves are obnoxious and banal stereotypes who provide no entertainment or substance. Its biggest problem is it tries to hard to be Ren & Stimpy. It fails by not supplementing its crude content with sharp wit, interesting characters and keen comedic timing. This is a cartoon that'll leave you shaking your head and ready to throw up. Bleh!

1. Pickle and Peanut

Pickle and Peanut is 100% pure and unfiltered shit. The show disparages its viewers with its laziness, horrible rendering of flash animation, annoying characters, and plot? What the hell is that?! It's insulting insipid to the point where you'll start losing brain cells if you watch it for too long. The premise is self-explanatory, it's about a pickle and peanut who go on misadventures. The show mixes in animation with live action. That's the only, considerably artistic element about. However, The Amazing World of Gumball (a better cartoon in my opinion) utilizes this technique better, for storytelling and comedic purposes. While in Pickle and Peanut it seems random and unnecessary.

Personally, I'd say only the last two border on the line of "to be never be seen by any living being." While the rest are merely mediocre, or at best, okay. However, the fact they (except Pig Goat Banana Cricket) all have lackluster animation, indecent writing, obsession with current gadgets/clothes/slang and trouble producing simple humor is a problem. When developing a show it's not a guarantee that if you take cautious measures it'll end up a masterpiece. Most series have a limited budget too and I understand they most likely won't have Disney or Dreamworks quality animation. However, if more focus and effort were prioritized to these areas and less on what's trending, then I'd feel we'd have less of these series.


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