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Warning! Mild Spoilers Ahead!

I watched the newest Star Wars the other day. What was interesting about watching it was the fact that it was my first Star Wars ever. I went into it specifically like that so I would have nothing to compare it to. So how does Stars Wars VII hold up as a sci-fi film, throwing aside all the nostalgia and subsequent bias? Let’s find out:


In terms of the characters, Kylo Ren was a somewhat weak villain, although I believe there are multiple reasons why he was perceived this way, and there is a suggestion that his role will become much stronger in the future. Han Solo and Chewbacca were interesting characters and their friendship was portrayed well. BB8 was a charm to watch, although the standouts were Rey and Fin. They were two of the best characters, having a very strong and well-written relationship. While the assessment that Rey might be a bit of a ‘Mary Sue’ has merit to it, it isn’t really prominent and she does face some real stakes. C3PO is annoying though, and I feel like he was always like that. If I wasn’t told any different, I would think he was this Jar Jar Binks character that everyone keeps raving on about, but alas, apparently this character is one of the likable ones.


The stakes in the film were pretty high, albeit rushed. One thing that stuck out though, was the vagueness of death. Characters would face the most dangerous situations, but then somehow turn out alive, while others would die in the most simple of ways. Meanwhile, the fates of several characters were thrown up in the air. In this way, the film was lacking.

Tone and Feel

The feel was generally welcoming, obviously catering to old fans, but not distancing those new to the story. The world was immersive and somehow managed to bring me into it, with all its little quirks, by the time the first alien appeared. The casual yet adventurous tone and humour were the two big points of the film. There was also a very old feel to the film, obviously trying to garner nostalgia, but yet it still works for those unfamiliar with the background.


The action was incredibly well-choreographed and the fight scenes weren’t too confusing. While lights and bullets flew everywhere during the fights, you could always tell who was who.


In conclusion, the film was definitely a hit. It set up several plotlines, while immersing and re-immersing audiences both new and old in a unique and fun universe. The characters were definitely the best part of the film, and it stands out as one of the best films of 2015. This, of course, is without bias. I’m sure with the bias and nostalgia that comes with seeing the others, this film would jump to the top of movies in 2015. All in all though, it’s a good sci-fi film, with some minor problems with stakes, but it was really a fun experience and I feel glad that my eyes have been finally opened to this amazing universe.

What'd you think? Does it stand by itself without nostalgia to back it up? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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