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WARNING: Major plot spoilers for The Force Awakens will feature heavily in this article, so if you haven't seen it yet--go watch it, then come back.

Give those in question a moment to file out... Any moment now.... Yes, you, in the back row, if you haven't seen the movie, this is your last chance to get out! Are they all gone now? Good, then let's begin.

So, after going to see the movie for the second time today, I caught onto something that I'd just glossed over before.

Throughout the entire movie, R2 is in a self-induced coma of sorts, having shut down since his master and friend, Luke Skywalker went missing, and no one had been able to get through to the little blue droid. But, towards the end of the movie, when the Resistance scores a major victory, he suddenly reactivates. But since we all know droids aren't wired to some sort of universal wi-fi, we know he can't be omnipresent, waking up when he sensed the Resistance celebrating a victory.

So, what was it that woke R2D2 up?

Well, the first time we see him, there's a collection of characters we all know and love. But the second time, something's different: For one, Han is gone. But there's one other difference, something that arrived the second time that was not present when we first saw R2--Rey.

That's right, Rey was not present when we first saw the comatose R2, but he did return to the waking world the moment Rey stepped onto the scene. But why does that matter? Well, if Luke's departure caused R2 to go into low power mode, could it be that Rey's presence reactivated him?

Let's look at what we know:

1. We learn from Kylo Ren that Rey imagines an island in the middle of a vast ocean when she's stressed. Interestingly, at the end of the film, she is surprised to find that Luke is hiding out in the very location she imagined... Or did she imagine it?

2. The lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker called out to Rey in Maz's bar. This very lightsaber was essentially passed from Anakin to his son, Luke. So, what's so important about Rey, then?

3. Luke's departure inadvertently shut down R2, and Rey's presence may have reactivated him.

First off, let's go into the lightsaber. Why would it call out to Rey if she wasn't important in some way? I mean, we know she's important to the story, but she's surprisingly strong in the Force, like someone else we might know--coincidentally, the very Jedi that made the lightsaber.

Second, the island in the ocean. How could Rey have envisioned it? You might say, "because of her connection to the Force," but I think it's a different connection. It's possible that she wasn't imagining it, but instead seeing through the eyes of someone else--Luke Skywalker. But, why him?

I propose that Rey is, in fact, the daughter of Luke Skywalker. She doesn't know her family, but it would appear that Han recognizes her. Why else would he become affectionate towards a young girl he'd barely met? Family ties, perhaps? When Maz asks Han about Rey, the scene cuts over to Rey and Finn, hiding whatever answer Han might have revealed. If Han barely knew her, what would there have been to hide?

Following this, the lightsaber is evidently a family heirloom, and it now appears to be calling out to the latest generation of the Skywalker family.

But what does R2 have to do with this?

Well, he was disappointed when his friend Luke went off to who-knows-where, and only reactivated when Rey was nearby. This may be a bit of a stretch, but R2 may be a Force-sensitive droid.

Think about it: he was the only droid to survive the attack on Queen Amidala's ship in Episode I, and has casually rolled through many hallways full of laserfire, only to somehow avoid every shot, just to name a few. And now, he reactivates when he senses the same energy and strength of the Force that he had known in Anakin and Luke before then.

So, calling him "Force-sensitive" may be a bit ridiculous, but perhaps he was outfitted with some sort of special scanner that could read midichlorians in other beings. If that's the case, then that sensor may have picked up on a set of them similar to Luke's, or at least something that carried Luke's DNA. With this information in mind, I think it's a bit hard to consider Rey as anything but the newest Skywalker (even though that would come as no surprise to anyone), since her "deal-with-stress-method," a lightsaber, Han's secrecy, and R2-D2 all seem to agree. Of course, she could be Kylo Ren's twin or younger sister, but somehow I think Han might have mentioned that to Leia when they were alone.

What do you think? Is my theory sound? Is R2 a Force-sensitive droid? (Because I'm totally head-canoning that one, regardless.) Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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