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Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell? My money'd be on the hardened ex-convict in a battle of brawn, but what about a battle of wits?

The two stars got deeply personal on BBC's Radio 1 while promoting their latest movie Daddy's Home. It's not likely that either's ego will recover quickly after this hilarious 'Playground Insults' game, forcing the duo to mercilessly tear each other to shreds with abuse as raw as it is incisive. Check it out:

"If one of you laughs, you're out of the game"

And it's Mark to serve up first slight...

"You're not a nice person"

Whoa there, starting the show with a showstopper.

"You smell like baby barf"

That's below the belt.

"Your head looks like a Brillo pack I wanna scrub my sack with"

The Brillo reference tickles both competitors as they brace themselves for more abuse. Then Marky Mark hits back. Hard.

"You're a poor man's Mike Myers"

Oh no he di'ent.

"If I was on a desert island and I had a choice between eating a Wahlburger and a raw dead fish, I would eat the dead fish"

"Your 'Anchorman' mustache was made from... Howard's pubic hair"

I'm not entirely sure who Howard is. The duck, perhaps?

"New Kids on the Block just called and they talked to Ace and they wanted you as a back-up dancer but they chose Ace"

Drop the mic, Ferrell. It's all over.

Catch the trailer for Daddy's Home, which is out now, below:


Who won the diss-off?

[Source: YouTube]


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