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Warning: If you have intentions to see 'Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens' you may want to avoid the spoilers that lie below.

Whilst the new movie did answer plenty of my questions about the state of the revamped, newly lens-flared Star Wars universe, it still left its most burning mystery unresolved. That is, Rey's ancestry. However, Joe Vargas from the Angry Joe Show positively freaked out when he thought he'd unwittingly stumbled across the shocking truth.

The 'leaked' information came from the most unlikely place - a tie-in video game called Disney Infinity - and seemed to suggest that Princess Leia has a long lost sister we've never been told about.

In the game you're tasked with playing as Rey as she fights off Leia's unhinged son, Kylo Ren. During this clash of monchrome forces, Vargras became convinced Ren was calling Rey his “cousin.”

Check the clip in question out below and see what you can hear:

Did you catch it? Well, it's no surprise if you didn't because before everyone could totally lose their minds about this Vargas took to Twitter to admit he'd made a mistake. Ren had in fact been saying "Curses!". Curse you Angry Joe!

Looks like we'll have to wait until Episode VIII to discover the truth behind Rey's blood ties.

[Source: Twitter]


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