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Mona Torgersen

Looks like Salladhor Saan isn't the only pirate in the Game of Thrones fandom.

For the fourth year in a row the hit show has received the "honor" of being the most illegally downloaded TV show of the year, with Season 5 finally reaching a whopping 14.4 million downloads worldwide.

The next runner up is The Walking Dead, but the zombie show is far behind; its most popular episode has "only" been illegally downloaded 6.9 million times.

HBO has made several attempts to reduce the piracy this year, by for instance airing the episodes on the same date globally and by introducing HBO Now. Unfortunately for them, it appears their attempts have been in vain, especially considering the first four episodes leaked online before they were even shown on TV. Some DVDs were sent out to critics for review purposes, but some real life Joffrey decided to upload them online, giving pirates worldwide early access to the new season.

It will be interesting to see what HBO will do in the future to prevent piracy. Perhaps we will be seeing HBO Now available for users outside of the US in the near future, and no DVDs sent out in advance. One thing is for sure; we're super excited about the upcoming season, which comes out in April, and I have no doubt that many a pirate is eagerly waiting for those torrents to appear online.


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