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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been with us for weeks now and most of us have had the pleasure of seeing the seventh Star Wars movie in all its glory. Frustratingly, it seems a lot was excluded from the final edit of The Force Awakens, and much more that won't be explained until the eighth and ninth iterations.


One thing which has prompted much discussion from critics and fans alike is why C-3PO, played by Anthony Daniels, has a red arm. Presumably he lost it in some form of accident; it certainly wouldn't be the first time we've seen the veteran droid dismantled, but the how and why remained a complete mystery throughout The Force Awakens.

C-3PO's role in The Force Awakens was ultimately rather limited, however he did deliver one unprovoked line to Han Solo (Harrison Ford):

"You probably don't recognize me with my red arm."

Unfortunately, C-3PO's red arm is not mentioned again for the duration of the movie. This has left fans itching to know how and why the classic Star Wars protocol droid lost a limb.


To the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere, an image has been revealed from the companion book to The Force Awakens, which fills in some of the blanks.


As you can read above:

C-3PO has upgraded his Translang III communications package to increase his language fluency to over seven million forms of communication.

Moreover, the image also reveals that:

C-3PO is uncharacteristically quiet when it comes to discussing his salvaged arm; it is a memento of another droid's sacrifice.

So who is this droid who sacrificed an arm for C-3PO? Is it possible that one of the two most iconic droids in the Star Wars franchise lost a droid companion of some kind? If so, it's curious that the event is significant enough to warrant the story being teased, but not revealed to us.

Hopefully this will be explored in greater detail as the newest trilogy progresses. But what do you think?



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