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As soon as a new Baywatch movie was announced, there was inevitable speculation on who could portray C.J. Parker, the role so famously played by Pamela Anderson in the original series.

"I've Read the Script"

Wave after wave of rumors have surfaced, but so far nothing has been confirmed. However, while talking to British comedian Alan Carr on his UK chat show, model turned actress Kelly Brook gave a strong indication she'd feature in the film:

"They are still writing it. I’ve read the script and they are rewriting it so I don’t know if there is a role in there for me.
I’m a bit old to play the Pamela Anderson role so I don’t know. but I know all the producers and it’s funny and we’ll see. I don’t know."
Kelly confirmed she's read the script
Kelly confirmed she's read the script

At just 36-years-old, whether Brook really has missed the opportunity to play C.J. is uncertain. She did recreate the infamous, slow motion jog to demonstrate her potential to join the team of scantily clad bikini wearing lifeguards. Although perhaps a better indication of her compatibility will be her breaststroke...

"Badass and Really Dirty"

Daddario, Johnson and Efron have been confirmed
Daddario, Johnson and Efron have been confirmed

So far, Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron have been confirmed to star in the film. With filming beginning in February 2016, there is still some time for producers to decide who best fits the character of C.J.

The original series ran between 1989 and 1999, and high viewing figures had absolutely nothing to do with the amount of mainly undressed attractive people. David Hasselhoff starred and also helped produce the series, which focuses on the relationships and events surrounding Los Angeles County Lifeguards.

David Hasselhoff as Mitch
David Hasselhoff as Mitch

Expect much more of the same in the remake. Dwayne Johnson has already confirmed the new flick will be R-rated. Talking to MTV he said:

"[The film] has edge and has badass action and really dirty, rated-R humor, which is right in my wheelhouse."

If something is right in "The Rock's" metaphorical wheelhouse (I have no idea what this really means) then it must be good!

Seth Gordon, (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) will direct, and the movie is due for release in 2017.

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