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It's been little over a week since Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in theaters, but fans of the punk rock band Against Me! are already gearing up for Episode VIII with a groundbreaking casting suggestion.

The band's lead singer and guitarist, Laura Jane Grace, famously came out as a transgender woman back in 2012, but she has been open about being a Star Wars fan her entire life.

After seeing The Force Awakens, Grace posted the following image of herself donning a Kylo Ren face mask and rocking out on an electric guitar.

To which the official Star Wars Twitter account replied:

Laura Jane Grace then responded saying that she plans on using Kylo Ren's voice changer on the upcoming Against Me! album.

Like us, Star Wars noted their excitement to hear this nod to Star Wars in the upcoming album.

This awesome exchange between Laura Jane Grace and Star Wars was enough to inspire fans of Against Me!, Star Wars, and members of the LGBTQ community to band together and petition for Grace to appear in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

At the moment, the petition has over 11,000 signatures! When it reaches its goal of 12,000, the petition will be sent to Lucasfilm, the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, and the director of Star Wars: Episode VIII, Rian Johnson for their consideration.

After it was confirmed that Captain Phasma was genderbent at the insistence of fans, and the world rallied so that superfan Daniel Fleetwood could see the latest film as his dying wish, it's no secret that Lucasfilm is more than happy to listen to its audience and work towards a great social cause.

Casting the first openly trans Jedi or villain in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe would not only be a huge step for the transgender community, but would also be a fantastic way of proving "that the galaxy is truly inclusive and that anyone can become one with the Force."

Plus, how great does Laura Jane Grace look in Princess Leia buns?

If you want to help cast Laura Jane Grace's cameo in the next Star Wars movie, sign the petition here!

(Source: Alternative Press, Instagram, Twitter)


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