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This article contains spoilers! you've been warned!

Kylo Ren is one of the good guys…hold on before you lose your minds! I read an interesting fan theory that happened to make things clique for me. It really answers so many questions that aren’t answered in the ‘Force Awakens’ chapter.

Lets think back to the dreaded prequels when Anakan is told by Emperor Palpatine about this Sith who was so powerful he could bring back the dead. He tells him just a few snippets of information but ends it with a simple yet dramatic line, “I killed him in his sleep”. This will come back later but for now lets go back to Kylo Ren.

He is a promising young Jedi who is presumably learning all he can from Master Skywalker (Luke). As time goes on we realize a few other things; first remember old Ben Kenobi discussing “ the Chosen One” and how it was Anakin who was supposed to fill this role. Since we now know that it wasn't him this leads to the possibility of one of his offspring or maybe even a descendant further down the line. The second is the prophecy itself about the Jedi so strong he can manipulate both light and dark sides of the force and eventually brings balance.

Now we see where things get really tricky. As the plot to the Force Awakens develops we see Kylo Ren as the bad guy…we are led to believe this although he is in fact Luke’s padawan. His abilities are so strong Luke himself tells him the path he must walk in order to fulfill his destiny. Ren's capabilities are limitless and Luke realizes he is the chosen one from the prophecy and the only one that can in fact defeat Lord Snoke. As simple as this may sound to do this he must be really convincing. He must be committed, without a doubt he will carry the weight and pain of so many lives on his shoulders, one so strong that no other Jedi can bear. The pain in his heart he will feel forever but this is what Luke has trained him for and Luke also carries the burden of this pain knowing and seeing what the future brings.

Luke tells Ren where to find the Vader helmet to which he will create an alter and talk directly to Luke not Vader as many viewers will assume (remember Vader has been destroyed and now Anakan as is Yoda are now all part of the force). What we do hear is Ren talking to his true master Luke who is very much in tune with everything that is happening outside of his exile. Ren doubts his ability to disguise his intentions but is no slouch with his abilities sensing the exact moment when Han arrives on the military base. Immediately he knows how to convince Lord Snoke and it will be a path he knows he must take. At this moment we see him commit to executing the final step in his plan to walk the darkside and show Lord Snoke know how committed he is. He tells Han how troubled and conflicted he is and how much it hurts but he has no other choice and there is only one way…Unknowingly Han surrenders himself as a father to his son offering to help and we all know what comes next…this is what Lord Snoke is waiting for. HATE!

Looking back at this scene the audience is in the same place Lord Snoke is observing what his padawan is doing…what we see is Han getting killed by his deranged son who is consumed with hate, but it’s the sacrifice Ren needs to convince Snoke that he is his unequivical master and no one else. The pain in Ren’s eyes as he commits this act is very visible which may also explain the wearing of the mask. He does not need it to breath but he may need it to hide his true emotions.

Now lets go to this Lord Snoke, who is he? How did he get that scar that is held together by giant metal plates. If you ask me he is the sith lord that Emperor Palpatine claims to have killed. He is however so strong in the dark side that he brings himself back to life but his damaged shell of a body has taken a beating.

So lets go to the scene in which Rey is getting memory flashes and future visions, the force calling to her…this is her inability to perceive the force because she is untrained but it is "awakening" slowly and she cannot focus to see her path but can remember being left on Jakuu. Then of course she is told about the force being in everything…the light, the air, and all living creatures. Its what has guided her for so many years on her own. She is very strong with it, Ren can feel it in her and so can Luke.

Interestingly to me is how we are purposely left out of a meaningful conversation Leia has with Rey when they come out of the millennium falcon, she sees her and recognizes who Rey is but nothing is said just an embrace where Rey finally feels the sense of belonging.

Lets quickly go back to how strong Ren really is and we are told some truth by Rey. He is strong with the force in his mental capacity we see a glimpse when he stops the blaster photon in mid air. He has so much control that he carries on all other business never once losing focus and the laser is held with the utmost of control. We also see this when moving the general to the Vader-esque choke hold in mid air, and how he gets in the head and digs through the thoughts of his victims. This is where Rey sees the truth…his FEAR! He is afraid of being caught and his plan being foiled losing the ability to kill Lord Snoke for good, if she can see that so will Snoke, that is what causes the drastic and sacrificial killing of Solo!

This is what i concluded based on watching the film a few times and having so many unanswered questions. The true hero of the Force Awakens is none other than Kylo Ren or Ben Solo whichever you prefer!


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