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All it takes is one quick look at Dwayne Johnson's biceps to figure that he's one Rock you don't want to get on the wrong side of. So, a sane conclusion would be that you'd have to be freakin' mad to mess with his newborn daughter, Jasmine.

But, just incase you are a bit insane and didn't quite work that out, Johnson has posted a short but sweet Instagram video which not only puts any fools-in-waiting firmly in their place, but also elevates him to the top of our Dad of the Year list. Just look how cute he is!

The message couldn't be clearer, really: not even Santa is safe from Dwayne Johnson's protective father vibes. So, idiots, behave. Or something like this will happen:

Smashing people in the face with metal wheels aside, this message from Dwayne is pretty adorable. Just imagine for a second how awesome it would be to be his kid. I know right?! So awesome.

Also, as a side note, the dude can sing. And potentially could have done a better job than the track he lip syncs on Jimmy Fallon below. Thoughts?

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