ByJeff DiSario, writer at

There seems to be a lot of work put into painting similarities into Rey's character with that of Luke's. She is orphaned on a desert planet, has a wild eyed innocence about her before embarking on a journey that she starts reluctantly, is wearing clothes that are similar to Luke's duds he was sporting on Tatooine, and befriends a lost droid on a secret mission and the two go on a journey together to get back to its owner. Aside from that, she is seen eating her daily rations wearing an old rebel pilot's X-Wing helmet...that looks like Luke's. How does she have it?

I've seen posts that tell about how "the lightsaber called out to her," but the truth is that a lightsaber is an inanimate object. Meditating in seclusion, was Luke calling out to her using the force he knows is strong with her? I've seen other posts tell how R2 beeps back to life when she shows up, suggesting it mistakes her DNA for that of Luke's thinking he returned, however, what if Luke himself programmed R2 to do just that? Hiding the missing map, R2 would only come back to life when Rey shows up, at the right point in her "awakening" to join Luke so together they can overcome the evil of the First Order. Without her, no one could find him, and he sets it up so that only Rey can find him in train her and go out together as father and daughter to bring balance to the force.

Star Wars is about the Skywalker lineage. Its a family story. From Anakin to Luke, and now Rey, the main protagonist has always been a Skywalker. Changing that now would seem very odd indeed.


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