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Fox's X-Force movie may have been slowed down due to the, ah, X-citement for Deadpool, but it looks as though plans are rumbling on in the background. The screenplay from Jeff Wadlow was literally prepared years ago, and he's happily discussed having a five-man team.

Now, have stumbled across concept art from Greg Semkow that reveals the five team members!

For the record, the team shown consists of:

  • Cable - in the comics, this time-travelling powerhouse is the mentor and founder of most versions of the X-Force team. He's the son of Cyclops (and a clone of Jean Grey - it's a long story), with powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He also struggles with a techno-organic virus, hence the metallic arm.
  • Warpath - you might remember the character from X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he was played by Booboo Stewart. He's a Native American tough guy.
  • Domino - a mercenary (sometimes assassin) with probability-manipulating powers, often Cable's love interest.
  • Cannonball - over in the background is Cable's favourite student and a potential future leader of the X-Men, a mutant who can project a kinetic blast field around himself.

All four of these guys are traditionally associated with X-Force in the comics, another hint that Fox are beginning to honour the source material a bit more than before.

That said, there's also a bit of a mystery - just who is the fifth member, the hooded woman? She doesn't look at all recognisable to me...


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