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I'm just some boy who loves video games and discussing stuff about them! I am also a big fan of superheroes, movies, and much more! So yeah,

Ok so most of you guys probably know this already but if you don't, there's going to be another Avengers movie! So let's talk age of Ultron(2nd one)! Spoiler alert just incase you haven't seen it. So in the final scene we see most of the Avengers leaving(Stupid right) such as Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and well, Quicksilver died(Told you there would be spoilers:D) so yeah, most of them. However Captain America and Black Widow stay in the group and form a "new" Avengers that has them two, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and War Machine(I think). And then in the post credit scene(Awesome scene after credits), we see another Thanos cameo(Like in Avengers 1) and says "Fine, I'll do it myself) while putting on the Infinity gauntlet and that's basically the plot for Avengers 3:Infinity Wars. Now for whatever reason, there are some dumb things that happen in this scene. So if you like to hunt out Easter eggs in movies, you can see that in the first Thor(Or second...Sorry bad memory), two "Asgardian Cops(I guess)" go to see what some noise was and as they run past, there's a quick screen shot that shows them run past a hall way and in it, has a case with the Infinity gauntlet in it. So how Thanos got to the Infinity gauntlet past all the guards with nobody knowing, I have no idea and if he killed the guards, Thor would know and immediately go get Thanos so yeah, I guess Thanos is some new epic stealthy ninja guy now! And how are the "new" Avengers supposed to beat Thanos anyway who is some GOD when the old(WAY MORE POWERFUL) Avengers had trouble beating a robot that Iron Man himself created. Anyway, that's all I've got for this post guys and I'll see you all later!


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