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So today has been a great day for Doctor Strange's marketing campaign. They released five photos from the film, giving us our first official look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme, and have now followed it up with another big reveal!

Many people have been expecting Chiwetol Ejiofor, who was previously announced to be playing the role of Baron Mordo in the film, to be the main antagonist to Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange. However Kevin Feige has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the main villain will in fact be played by...

Mads Mikkelsen!

That's right! We knew Mikkelsen (Hannibal, King Arthur) was set to play a role, but with Baron Mordo cast, it looked likely that Mikkelsen would be a supporting role as opposed to one of an evil nature. But now it seems much more likely that we will be seeing Mordo take a back seat role and merely be introduced, before dealing more trouble in a sequel film, which seems relatively likely even now. So, the question circulating in light of this news is:

Who is Mikkelsen Playing?

Well I have just a few ideas about that.

1. Mephisto!

Mephisto is... well in the Marvel Universe he's basically the Devil. While he has been associated with most heroes at one time or another, I think he would work really well as a villain for Doctor Strange. Looking at him, and thinking about his mannerisms, I could easily see Mads Mikkelsen taking on the role, especially as at this point in Stephen's training he would be vulnerable to the temptations Mephisto could provide, and that would be a very different type of battle to the normal punchy ones we see in the MCU. Mephisto could also come back (he is the devil after all) and terrorise more heroes in later films.

2. Michael Korvac!

Korvac (also known as The Enemy) has in the past required a team-up between The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to take him down. He is from an alternate universe (which is quite common for Doctor Strange villains) and is half computer, after an unfortunate run-in with the Badoon. The interesting thing is that he once gained a cosmic cube and was able to wield its power to do some serious damage. With Doctor Strange rumoured to introduce one of the two remaining infinity stones, it seems like his introduction could lead to an infinity stone.

3. Doctor Druid!

Doctor Druid is a magician who The Ancient One trained as a back-up in case he failed to train Stephen Strange. While often portrayed as a hero, and a monster hunter as well as occasional Avenger, he could easily be portrayed as a jealous apprentice gone wrong, and go after Stephen because of his wish to be the Sorcerer Supreme.

4. Nightmare!

Another fiendish villain that Mads Mikkelsen could bring terrifying life to is Nightmare. He is the ruler of a dream dimension, which is a pretty awesome gig, and he was also the first ever villain that Doctor Strange came up against in the comics, so it would have a very poetic ring to it if he was also the first villain Doctor Strange came up against in the film.

5. Dormammu!

Dormammu is one of Strange's most deadly villains, and certainly one of his most well known. Despite often being associated with Baron Mordo, who is ususally trying to summon him from an alternate dimension. Now, with Baron Mordo being in this film, it is altogether possible that we will see Dormammu, but that would make Baron Mordo more of an important villain in this film, as opposed to being set up as the villain in a sequel. I think this choice is unlikely, as Dormammu is much more powerful than most Doctor Strange villains, and it would be a tough act to follow in the sequel.

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Who do you think Mads Mikkelsen is playing?


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