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Oh, sweet lord, where do I begin?

The only reprising aspects I can give about this movie are the cast who really wanted to give more feeling to this lifeless, mundane and lazy movie.

Michael B.Jordan was very likeable as Johnny Storm as he had charm, charisma and really gave the character his own spin. Kate Mara was ok, but she was no Jessica Alba. She didn't seem like she was giving her all to the character. At least Jessica made Susan seem like a character.

Miles Teller was very enjoyable as a young Reed Richards. Despite being unsure of himself, he came across as being convincing, humble, goal-driven and just a very likeable person. Unlike Viktor Von Doom, he wasn't arrogant with an inflated ego; he made Reed friendly, co-operative and a nice guy.

Visual effects were good. Really had this other worldly feel when they went to this alternate dimensiom that they had been trying to travel to from when Reed was in Elementary School.

Jamie Bell was so under-developed as Ben Grim. Before and after the accident with the energy all you knew about him was that he was Reed's friend and he was rough around the edges.

Then there's the writing. Cheesecake-tap-dancing Crust, where do I begin?!

Sue getting her powers as an after effect from the travel chamber coming back into the lab and she absorbs the after effects from other world was just asinine lazy writing at it's worst. If she had asbored the radiation whilst she was in that dimension then I'd let it go. The same thing can be said with the personal animosity between Ben & Reed when it came to the showdown with Doom. It was instantly forgotten. If they had progressively worked their issues out before that point getting Grim to trust Richards again then I'd buy that. But to just forget it, LOL, is both laughable and pathetic.

I'm beginning to understand why Stan Lee didn't cameo in this.

But the one that had me doing cartwheels was Doom uttering this line

There is no Viktor. Only DOOM.

At that point I was just baffled and beside myself knowing they had practically lifted Sigourney Weaver's line from Ghostbusters word-for-word.

That was when I had completely given up on this train wreck of a movie that has allowed me to forgive Spiderman 3, Amazing Spiderman 2 & Batman & Robin for their awful performances. They're still bad movies, but I'll gladly take them over THIS any hour of the day.

I am so GLAD that Fox has opted to not follow up with a sequel. Because in all honesty, this should not have seen the light of day to begin with and I feel glad for not watching this at the Box Office.

The last time I have been this disappointed with a flick at the Cinema was 2006's Mimai Vice. A mistake I hope I never repeat.

Fantastic? Nowhere near it.


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