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I had the privilege of seeing this film in an award screener format prior to it's release. IT BLEW ME AWAY! Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, responsible for glorious films such as Birdman & Babel brings us The Revenant which is nothing short of spectacular! The cinematography was the first thing that grabbed's usually the acting. It's a beautifully rendered world that you're invited into. The special effects are bone-chilling i.e. bear scene, I caught myself thinking, "is this f-ing real!" The entire film is so well done in-fact I felt completely immersed in the story, in the way that 3D technology attempts to accomplish, and it's not a 3D flick!

Hugh Glass (c.1780-1833)
Hugh Glass (c.1780-1833)

The film is inspired by true events. Hugh Glass was an american frontiersman & explorer born in 1780 who is known by his incredible story of being viciously mauled by a full grown grizzly...and surviving. He was then left for dead by his fellow frontier crew while he crawled and stumbled 200 miles, fighting for his life back to Fort Kiowa in South Dakota. This occurred during the General Ashley's expedition of 1823. Hugh Glass died 10 years later in 1833, he was either 52 or 53. Glass was thereafter referred to as "the revenant" deriving from the french word revenant meaning someone who returns from a long absence, or a person or thing reborn.

The 1971 feature length film Man in the Wilderness is another retelling of the story of Hugh Glass, which much like The Revenant depicts Glass in his best historical accounts.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy knock it out of the park! At this point though you expect nothing less, you have a hunch that these two are going to bring it home! This is an incredible piece of history & Alejandro is a masterful director with the ability to flush his style and persona into a major motion picture spectacle!




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