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WARNING!! This is littered with spoilers from Star Wars Episode 7, if you HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE DO NOT CONTINUE!!

That out of the way, let's begin.

Star Wars Episode 7; The Force Awakens. The long awaited installment of the franchise, a gamble made by J.J. Abrams. And one that doesn't disappoint.

The movie paid so much homage to the original saga. For instance, the design of BB-8 being the original design of R2, Kylo Ren's costume based off the original concept drawing Darth Vader suit, and the infamous planet "Starkiller" the original concept name of Luke before his name changed to Skywalker.

One of the biggest issues that I personally have read was the unusual form of Kylo's lightsaber. The unconventional crossguard made some fans uneasy. However, any REAL fan of the Star Wars will know that this isn't the first time we've seen. For instance in one of the books, there was a woman that had a whip lightsaber. One of the biggest patterns I've noticed is after the fall of the empire more people were willing to try new things. I guess that is what they call the seven words of a dying church, or jedi temple that is.

The other thing I also heard and read about was people's complaint that Rey was too quick to pick up the force.

Are you crazy?!

Throughout the story of Star Wars, there have always been people that were fluent with the force and were able to pick it up quickly. For instance, in one of the books there was a child prisoner that was able to pick up and use the force through his anger. That's like saying the story of Magneto is stupid because he was able to almost tear down a gate without training.

Now to the heartbreak of heartbreaks. The death of Han Solo.

I am a guy. And I swear I nearly cried when he was stabbed. Tears were in my eyes and I felt Rey and Finn's pain as she screamed, crying. (God there are tears in my eyes now.)

Does this mean we should hate the movie? Not in the slightest.

As much as we hate it, he had to go. It wouldn't be a story without it. Han Solo needed to die so the story went on. Any good story that continues in a franchise must lose a character that bears importance to the story. It's a writers rule. And Han knew what would happen, as he didn't fight it. A death of love.

All in all, I left the movie feeling content. This was another Star Wars movie, and I look forward to reliving the feeling when I see Episode 8.

Now if you will excuse me, I must cry in the corner and put back on my man face for my fiance.... Oh crap she sees me crying. Damnit.


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