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Anon Eversence Mous

This is the first page of a comic I am now creating called "Banana Phone." This comic actually has a background, which I shall share now. When I was younger, I had a best friend, and we both loved Pokemon and Kirby, that sort of stuff. We also both had a great imagination. She also had a Nintendo DSi, which meant she had the magical program that we called "FLIPNOTE"! I was at her house one day when she decides to show me a flipnote that someone had made of a Pikachu and two Pichus dancing and singing a sped up version of the song Banana Phone. She had added a bang onto one of the Pichus. We watched it a couple of times. Probably a couple of months later, we were having a playdate at my house. By now, Eevee had replaced Pikachu as my favorite Pokemon. At some point, I don't remember whether it was this particular visit or not, I had shown her some TCG cards I had picked up at a Goodwill, and among them was a steel-type Eevee card. And we were all excited about me having the only Steel-Type Eevee in existence. Anyway, back to the visit. For some reason, we decided to start playing pretend as though she were the Pichu with a bang, and I were a particularly naive Eevee. Even though we aren't best friends anymore, this roleplay, which is basically what it is, remains one of my favorite roleplays that we ever participated in, along with one I like to call "The Tale of Tails" and the one time we were giving a bunch of video game and cartoon characters check ups as if we were doctors. It was a silly little story, but I have expanded upon it to try and make a full-fledged story. I hope you guys enjoy these relics dug up from the ruins of my friendship.

On a side note, I'm considering making a Star Wars comic as well. Perhaps if this comic turns out well, I will. I'm taking requests for speedarts and comics, so if you have anything you want me to do, let me know!

I don't own the song "Banana Phone", the "Pokemon" franchise, or any of the Pokemon included in this. If I did, I'd be rich by now.

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