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The Marvel universe continues to expand and grow as fans and audiences alike are under the spell of a vast film universe that is ever-changing. In 2016, Marvel will be introducing audiences to a new on-screen player who specializes in the magical and the mystical. Doctor Strange is an upcoming superhero movie based on the marvel comics hero Doctor Strange, who is a skilled surgeon that is introduced to magic and alternate dimensions after a tragic car-accident severely damages his hands, rendering him unable to use his gentle touch to perform sensitive surgery. The film will be directed by Scott Derrickson and will feature Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Here's the basic plot:

“Doctor Strange” follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions.

Doctor Strange could be one Marvel's most important films since it will begin a deeper exploration of magic and mysticism, and how it connects to everything. The Thor movies teased magic and talked about travelling to alternate dimensions, but it still seemed more like magic was just a form of science used by Asgardians. However, Doctor Strange will detail the adventures of a human sorcerer, who despite starting out as a skeptic and a man of science, comes to understand that magic is real and very dangerous. Strange's Journey will eventually lead him down the road to studying the supernatural and the occult for reasons greater than his original intentions.

Doctor Strange is a film that will lay the groundwork for other mystical characters to make their introduction into the MCU and integrate storylines and events that Strange helps set in motion, even leading up to Infinity Wars. The success of a movie like Doctor Strange will depend on how well Marvel captures the horror and beauty of magic, while supplying interesting, compelling characters that the audience can appreciate and understand. The box-office for this seems to be within in-the-bag territory since the movie has a solid release date and a stellar cast that most audiences are excited to go and watch on screen. Overall, whether or not you're familiar with this character, Doctor Strange seems set to break into the mainstream and become another massive success.


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