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If you thought that the "Twelve Days of Deadpool" marketing campaign was enough, you totally didn't consider the possibility of Ryan Reynolds in his big red suit, shamelessly trying to convince you to buy the issue of Empire Magazine that's all about him. But now it's in your head, I guess I can't do anything but show it to you!

As Deadpool himself would say, that was one of those really good infomercials, a little like Slapchop.

I, for one, am definitely going to buy the next issue of Empire, and I would like to remind us all of exactly what Deadpool told us to look out for, just so you can complain about false marketing, not that the Prime Minister of England is going to give you a refund.

  • Plenty of simple, do it yourself recipes involving Cornish game hens, freshly pitted green olives, locally purchased deli meats and wolf semen.
  • Explicit pictures of me f*cking a weeping Kevin Sorbo on a bed of hot brown Hercules pantaloons.
  • The centerfold, which is wall-to-wall sh*t, ferret chasing leprachauns and full transcripts of at least three of my worst films.
  • All set to Deadpool's favourite country tune: "You're crying hard and I'm hard as you're crying."
  • AND don't forget all of the awesome extras you will get when you purchase your copy of Empire, which include but are not limited to: The complete sexual histories of several of the most trusted news anchors in the world and, as Deadpool put it, "A backstage pass... to my asshole."

Elegant, am I right?

But in all seriousness, this has been one of the most beautifully crafted marketing campaigns of all time, and it is going to culminate in an incredible film which comes out February 16th, so everyone get ready for a whole lot of Deadpool.

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