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Two eagle-eyed Tumblr users, authormichals and manueluv, have pointed out a possible connection between the universes of Men In Black and Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. The theory, according to these two intrepid Tumblr users, goes that MIB's Agent K is the father of SHIELD's Phil Coulson.

Let's start from the beginning, way, way back in the 1940's. Remember this guy?

Yup, that's Colonel Chester Phillips, who had an integral part in the creation of Captain America. Now just suppose that Colonel Phillips had a son, one who grew up to very much resemble his father, and one who decided to follow in his father's footsteps and work for the government. Now suppose this son decides that military service isn't his thing, but he still wants to work for the government. Then, due to his father's past as a war hero, he is tapped to serve as a founding member of the Men in Black. However, he changes his name to Kevin Brown to protect his former identity. As a result of his brief relationship with Agent O, Brown has a son, whom he names Phillip, after his grandfather, and then erases his memory to protect him. Young Phillip is then left with a foster family, the Coulsons, who never inform him of his heritage. Once Phillip is an adult, he goes to work for SHIELD and is informed by Director Nicholas Fury that his father is Agent K of the Men in Black. Coulson is confused, but ultimately meets with K and learns the truth about his past. The two reconcile and have many government-related adventures afterwards as father and son.

Coulson gets his love of sunglasses honestly!
Coulson gets his love of sunglasses honestly!

What do you think? Is Agent K Coulson's dad or is this theory as crazy as the notion of giant bug-like aliens?


Is Agent K Coulson's dad?


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