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James Wood

What a start to 2014 this was! American Hustle is an outstanding crime comedy drama, David O. Russell's direction is seamless throughout and the feel of the late 1970's is flawless from the outrageous perms and comb-overs to the low cut tops and cleavage revealing dresses, the cast look great.

Focusing on two con artists who are set up by an FBI agent to create a sting operation against politicians, American Hustle dives into a character driven world of corruption, lies and trickery that boasts big, brash personalities. Christian Bale is Irving Rosenfeld, one of the aforementioned con artists whose confidence and charm overwhelms Amy Adam's' Sydney Prosser, these two actors could not be anymore perfect, Bale looks unrecognisable and the accent he puts on is so good, I liked how he felt guilt as the conspiracy delved deeper, but it's the opening scene of him putting his hair together that does it for me, it just shows that his character believes appearance is key despite the bulging beer belly.

Amy Adams looks unbelievably beautiful, it's as if she just stepped out of a time machine and back into the 70's, yet again the accents both American and British are pitch perfect, I love how elusive and mysterious she comes across but also how connected she is to Irving. I think what really proved her dedication to the role was the fact that I felt Adams just let go, lived every piece of dialogue and embraced her looks, she is the number one in the movie. Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper are outstanding, and Jennifer Lawrence is wonderful as the wildly unpredictable and loud wife of Rosenfeld, Lawrence is undeniably one of the finest actresses of recent times, but for me it's Adams and Bale that completely scene steal, two of the best performances in a film!

David O. Russell's direction is superb, his camerawork is so simple yet so effective, the way the camera lurches into the characters as they speak, he makes the actors look authoritative and the way he focuses on the hand gestures the characters make just tops it all off, nothing is missed out here and the glamour is always on show.

This is a highly acclaimed movie and deservedly so, American Hustle is performed to perfection, the story is so well written and paced there is never a dull moment and these characters are so infectiously fun there's no way you'll have a bad time, this is energetic entertainment.


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