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Multiple websites are reporting that the iconic Halloween franchise is officially in search of a new home. A few months ago it was reported that the next Halloween movie would be delayed because of studio troubles. However, it looks like there was a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Who Could Get The Rights To 'Halloween'?

Dimension has had the rights to Halloween since Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. And while I like a majority of the sequels that came out under their reign, especially Halloween 6, I think it's a good thing they're giving up the rights. At times it seemed they didn't care about the quality of the Halloween movies they put out (Halloween Resurrection, Halloween 2 (2009), but were more interested in cashing off of the Michael Myers name. Now that the rights are up for grabs though, I'd like to see Paramount or New Line Cinema get a hold of the Halloween franchise.

What's Going To Happen To 'Halloween Returns'?

Many fans were excited about the next Halloween movie, which was said to take place after the events of the original Halloweens 1, 2, and 3. (And yes, I really mean Halloween 3). Now however, it's very possible we won't be seeing Halloween Returns pan out at all. I personally wasn't crazy about the story they had in mind, but optimism still had me in its grip. The good part of all this is we could possibly get that amazing Halloween movie fans are yearning for.


Were you excited for 'Halloween Returns'?

The Odds Of A Crossover Movie Are Much Higher Now

All art by Jason Edmiston
All art by Jason Edmiston

Dimension has sheltered Myers from crossovers with other icons like Freddy and Jason since the 1995. However, now that they're finally giving up the rights to Michael Myers, it is possible we could see him throw down with other iconic slashers. If Paramount or New Line Cinema end up acquiring the rights to Halloween, a crossover would surely be in the cards.

I think this whole situation will do more good than bad, but only time will tell.

Update: Now it's been confirmed that Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are no longer a part of the Halloween project, meaning we won't be seeing Michael Myers on Death Row after all.


How do you feel about Dimension Films losing the rights to Halloween?


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