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James Wood

Congratulations Adam Sandler for sweeping all the Razzie awards for Jack and Jill. This stinker is one of the most critically bashed movies in the past decade. However, this monumental garbage, as some are calling it, raked in a tonne at the box office, as do most of Adam Sandler films. This begs the question, will Sandler always hold such a considerable box office influence no matter how scathing the reviews are for his films?

Adam Sandler is stuck in the same role as usual, playing a very wealthy guy with a well paid job married to a world class hotty with great kids and an enormous house. The hitch: Sandler's world as Jack is about to come falling down when his twin sister Jill comes to stay for the holiday, will he survive or will she drive him to insanity? Well, that's what some viewers have been driven to watching this. This is pedestrian storytelling at its weakest, someone green-lit this weak story and I'd love to know what their thought process was back then.

Before I kick this film down into the dirt even more, it is kid friendly and will entertain young ones, but for the parents having to sit through it, good luck with the challenge. There are a few laugh out loud moments, most noticeably seen at the family picnic where Jill is invited to a Spanish family gathering. There's a general upbeat and light hearted feeling here and some well timed slapstick, but outside of this scene the majority of the humour and attempts at comedy are considerably dampened down by the aggressive overbearing neediness from some of the characters, mostly Jill and Al Pacino. One scene in a 90 minute long movie is not good and won't save it from its unbelievable mediocrity.

Dennis Dugan's direction is weak, borderline lacking any sort of creativity or spark to set him apart from other comedy directors, his camerawork consists of pans that move shortly after the characters do, you feel like a viewer in a live sitcom recording. The cheap look of the film detaches you almost immediately. Poor Katie Holmes does everything she can with the shoddy material she's been presented, she is sweet and grounded as the mother and wife to Jack. Adam Sandler's need to don the drag is exhausting, he overdoes it at every point, screaming and yelping at every chance he gets even when the dialogue doesn't even need to be projected. Al Pacino feels forced into every scenes and he's vert awkward, especially at the end of the film where he pokes a ceiling fan and calls it weird names. This isn't funny, it's just painful.

Multiple forced and desperate gags, stale direction and poor dialogue plus a lack of craft makes Jack And Jill a very poor film. That being said, it's far better than Grown Ups and miles better than Adam Sandler's worst piece of garbage That's My Boy. That isn't saying much when those two films suck considerably, this film really is worthy of the Razzies.


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