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Rockstar has just leaked some new information regarding a fan favorite—Story Mode DLC. In this DLC is a supposedly 'Military Heists' which include Franklin Clinton having the option of joining the military at Fort Zancudo! Exciting right?! Yes, yes. But as your reading through, what's the new information, Dawson?!?! Yes, okay. The new information leaked is listed below:

NEW CHARACTER: Calvin Shwinn

Not much is known about Calvin Shwinn, EXCEPT the fact that he is EXTREMELY rich. Supposedly, he owns more companies than Devin Weston, and owns a little less equity of the Merryweather Security than Mr. Weston—Mr. Shwinn only owns 9% equity of Merryweather(which General Zimmerman is to be told he owns 55.5% of Merryweather and Don Percival owns 24.5%, which is later changed to 35.5% due to Devin Weston's death) which is insane. His location is unknown. Rumors are that he is so rich that everything square inch in his mansion in Los Santos is covered with gold. Mr. Calvin Shwinn is multibillionaire, entrepreneur, and investor PLUS is the founder of BettaPharmaceuticals, Eyefind, Weazel, Fruit, and BankofLiberty; while being the Co-Founder and Executive Chief of Bleeter and Owner of all of the Cinema Doppler movie chains. He is also a major shareholder of FlyUS and AirEmu(making $11 per plane ticket sold).

This is somehow tied into the 'Military Heist' DLC by having Franklin Clinton's team members suggesting to murder Don Percival and Calvin Shwinn to then buy their total shares of 44.5% equity of Merryweather Security becoming a partner with General Zimmerman...oops too much?

Let's stayed tuned into this exciting DLC, not yet leaked the release date.


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