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You wouldn't believe that with how amazing this show was- with a beautiful plot line, a strong cast, and a refreshing amount of originality- that they would shut it down after two short seasons. However, the idiots running it think that we teens and pre-teens like watching mindless cartoons with no plot line or actual reason to exist more than a show with substance that makes you hang on its every word. Maybe they just felt lazy, but I say it's an injustice.

There are so many ways they could continue- I could think of enough to continue with for at least three more seasons without even thinking about it. For one...


We left off with Vandal Savage and the Light in control of the WarWorld, and we find out they've been working hand in hand with Darkseid, and then they said: "Have fun living with this cliffhanger for the rest of your miserable lives, you TV obsessed children!"

I don't like that.

Think of how far they could take this: The most powerful weapon in the universe in the hands of Savage and possibly under the control of Darkseid too (and that damned Godfrey man)? Darkseid would obviously launch an attack on New Genesis, and the Forever People would send for Justice League assistance: there's an entire season right there, of conflict between Apokolips and the combined force of New Genesis and Earth. Oh, the possibilities!

The Scarabs

I know, I know: they had a full season of this. But went back and noticed something interesting: there is most likely more scarabs.

Think about it: the scientist for the Reach said that "scarabs had been sent to every primitive planet." EVERY. Surely Earth and Mars aren't the only planets considered primitive.

There could be an entire spectrum of scarabs out there, waiting to be found and serve the last remains of the Reach, because they obviously weren't completely destroyed, as their entire race and power wouldn't have gone to Earth. They've proved to be too smart for that stupid of a risk.

So if the Reach regrouped, used scarabs still unfound or just unused, or even created more, that could easily prove problematic for the League and the Team.

Wally's Death

Really? Really? They knew that they were ending, yet they give us nothing but unhappiness and tears when they ended the show. Thanks a lot!

But... But we have a solution. The same thing that's been allowing Ra's al Ghul to return: the Lazarus Pit.

Wally's back, happy endings everywhere! ... Except he has no body. Yeah, wishful thinking, I know, but I also know I got a lot of you excited just now with this before I pulled a DC and shut you down. Sorry.

Lex Luthor

You know him, we all hate him: here's Leeeeeeex Luthooooor! Sick him, Deathstroke! Oh, I wish.

But seriously, Lex has played literally EVERYONE- isn't it time for retribution? Instead, he finished the series as a hero to the world.

When do we get to see him get justice for all his scheming, backstabbing, and conspiring? Never, according to DC.

A good ending might include Arsenal, now rogue from the League and Team and with no more to gain from Luthor, taking him down, maybe choking him with the arm Luthor gave him, which also means that no one would know he did it since his robotic arm has no fingerprints to leave. Luthor would probably have a plan, though; maybe a shut-off for the arm. Wouldn't you like to see that face-off?


Come on, you can't tell me you didn't feel the love between Aqualad and Aquagirl. But, my big problem with this: they never show their explanation for her death! We might know a fair amount about it, with some research, but it's never shown how Aqualad could've blamed the Team for her death in his deep cover! And we shouldn't have to research- they should've given us an episode about it, a flashback, something!

Alright, that's all the ranting I have for you at the moment; goodbye, and think on what I've said!

Also, sorry about all the spoiler protection, but I'd kill someone if an awesome show was spoiled for me just because I read a column before the last episode.


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