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Nick Denbow

"Steve Jobs" pulses with magnetic energy and spark, is acted phenomenally, and has razor sharp writing and directing.

The film does an excellent job fully realizing the character of Steve Jobs. He has many layers and balances from being hateful to being misunderstood. Michael Fassbender does an extraordinary job playing the titular role, in one of the best performances of the year. "Steve Jobs" is filled to the brim with fascinating and explosive characters. Kate Winslet brings a well-needed charm and subtle dynamic to her wise character. Seth Rogen seeps with anger and frustration when Jobs doesn't give him the recognition he deserves. Jeff Daniels gets to spit out incredible lines in an extended argument scene with Jobs, which is one of the standout moments from the film.

Aaron Sorkin does excellent work crafting captivating dialogue to its fascinating characters. He does his cliched hallway scenes but they are extremely effective here. Every choice director Danny Boyle makes is spot-on and organic. I have one small fault with the film, being that the second act is a bit slow in a few parts.

-Nick Denbow


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