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Baldwin Collins

With the success of block-buster epic movies like ''Star wars the force awakens'' and Quentin Tarantino's ''The hateful eight'' filmed in the 65/ format, it seems that Tarantino's started a new trend in the cinema going experience which seemed Doomed in Today's Digital world. Many of the legendary film projector operators are still alive, and we're called in to install and operate the projectors on Christmas Day. The feed back from some of the projectionist's before Christmas Day was, ''after the Holiday's all the projectors in the selected cinema's will be returned to storage.''

In my opinion, not to fast. There's apparently a new Generation of movie fans that want to experience this wonderful Grandeur in it's wide-screen display and the overture's and intermissions. would you Believe it, cinema fans are already Talking about other Block-buster movies being shown in this old-school format especially Next year 2016 summer movies. twentieth century fox started this format, and Michael Todd film producer carried it to the next level, calling the format ''TODD-AO''

there are Dozens of Hollywood Epic movies filmed in the TODD-AO format, ''OKLAHOMA'' (1955) ''AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAY'S'' (1956) ''SOUTH PACIFIC'' (1958 ) ''BEN-HUR'' (1959) WAS FILMED IN MGM 65MM ''THE SOUND OF MUSIC '' (1965) ''PORGY AND BESS (1959) The final analysis is watch out Digital, the old school cinema is back.


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