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Welcome you crazy fans of Christopher Nolan. You guys really love some crazy stuff, I'll give you that. The dark and gritty Dark Knight Trilogy, the crazy and warped world of Inception, and most of you even dared to see through the absolutely unfollowable Interstellar. Now, it's time to go on another Nolan fuelled adventure, and if last time he pushed the final frontier, this time he is going where countless amazing directors have gone before.

World War 2!

Or, to be a little more specific, to Dunkirk, which is also set to be the name of the next Christopher Nolan film. Now, the real question is:

What is Dunkirk?

While modern day Dunkirk is a beautiful location, the city in France was in the midst of a mass evacuation in 1940 during the second World War. The film is set to revolve around this, and Nolan has already begun to scout for locations in the city. Now, here is everything else that we know so far:

  • Nolan is set to write the screenplay and direct.
  • Nolan, his wife, and his longtime partner Emma Thomas will produce.
  • Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Kenneth Branagh are set for supporting roles. (Also I can't imagine Nolan favourite Marion Cotillard, who is French, is going to miss out on this one).
  • Producers are currently looking for unknowns to play the lead roles.

Well that certainly sounds interesting. While the appearance of an actor like Tom Hardy is no surprise, as he is a mainstay of Nolan films, it would be unusual to see a Nolan film with unknown lead actors. The main roles in his past films have gone to actors such as: Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and did I mention Christian Bale?

Anyway, no matter who stars in it I am very interested to see what Nolan is able to do with a French city at that time in history.

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Who do you want to see in Dunkirk?


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