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Hello everybody! Those of you who watched "The Force Awakens" know all about Han Solo (depressing) Death. Well something about that death he had made me have a strong disagreement. You see, Han Solo is a hero we all know that and for him to just die by being killed by his own son and then fall into a pit is not really that honorable or heroic enough for our beloved Han Solo. Think about it, Ben Kenobi made a SACRIFICE when he died, Han Solo should have done something like that too since he is one of the main and important characters of the whole saga. It just should have been more dignified and also on his own terms. We all love Han Solo don't you think we should've had the best death for him? Because in my opinion, it could have been far better. Like maybe saving Rey or Finn maybe even Leia or Chewie (If he sacrificed himself for Rey that would have been the best in my personal opinion) Not only that but Princess Leia's reaction to his death was not that great! Think of how much they been through, how much love they have and she does not even have a simple tear in her eye! WOW just WOW. Please comment below if you agree or disagree and why (no hate please) Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more!


Do you think Han Solo died well?


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