ByJoseph Victor Noya, writer at

My theory is definitely going to make some angry but it's too plausible to deny. As mentioned previously smoke and ren are not sith. Ren is Ben Solo right? Trained to be a jedi by who? Luke Skywalker. Why would ren have a burnt up Vader mask. We all watched it burn in episode 6. Only one person had access or reason to keep it. Luke. He passed it on to ren. Luke was already turning in episode 6. He force choked the to guards at Jabba palace and told Jabba "don't make me destroy you". Sound familiar? Vader said it to. Jedi don't talk like that. Plus then he lied to Jabba about the droids. Again jedi don't do that. Last point on episode 6 the original name of the movie was Revenge of the jedi not return. After the toys went bonkers he (lucas) couldn't portrait his bell cow as evil. Now back to episode 7. Rey is Luke's daughter so how did she end up an orphan? There is a clip in the movie where she's watches as her parents fly away. I believe Luke has to protect his daughter from his dark wife Mara jade. Eventually having to kill her. All of this eventually make him realize there is no one stronger than himself. Snoke is always shown as a hologram. He could literally be anyone. I've read enough star wars books to know his species doesn't exist. I think he's a front. I think Luke is snoke. There I said it. He's the only one powerful enough to lure Ben to the dark side. Another hint is in the toys are us version of ren. He says" I will have my revenge" and "I am the last jedi". How could he be the"last" jedi with Luke alive still? Well because Luke has already turned. Ren was the last jedi after Luke killed the rest. There was no other reason for him to go into hiding. Even R2D2 who has seen everything across all movies is so saddened by what he's witness he shuts down. He didn't want them to find him on that island for a reason. Or maybe he did. Consider yourself warned.


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