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  • I feel that an earth two version of Joe is Zoom and here is my reasons why!

Zoom's body shape is bigger and a lot more stocky than Barry's , So that means the speedster cannot be Barry.. He fought with Jay and Hates Wells , So he can't be any of them two.. Barry's dad just got out of Jail and Cisco already has powers so on Earth-2 He wouldn't have any, Remember what Jay said "Everything on Earth-2 is the opposite of Earth-1" So that means instead of Joe fighting crime and playing Mr nice guy .. He would be evil and Doing crime.

Remember that the voice of Zoom is by a Black Male so I think it would make more sense for the speedster to be black because of the voice tone and personality.

In the mid season finale , Joe says that his dad gave him a watch because he was always late , I find that funny because most speedsters always have a problem with always not being on time to their everyday life

In the last recent episodes we have seen a much more violent and upset Joe , with Wally joining the Family and Zoom taking over the galaxy he is just in a mental breakdown

Let's go through the similarities and opposites of Zoom and Joe

They both have the same Physic (Tall and Strong)

Joe has a heart and is emotional (When needed) However Zoom has no emotion

Joe wants Barry to be better ... Zoom wants Barry to be Faster!

Joe and Zoom both hate Harrison Wells

Joe is an Officer but Zoom anti-hero

Joe loves Barry ... Zoom Hates Barry

Honestly I think the Two are a perfect Match.. I feel as if Joe's doppeleganger has to be Zoom , The two are just the opposite of eachother but have similar aspects of eachother

Greg Berlanti the co-producer on The Flash revealed what Iris looks like on Earth-2

She looks very upset like something has happened in her life... Maybe she lost her dad?


Do you think Joe is Zoom?


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