This story begins a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. (Yes, I had to start with this.) Before the rise of Palpatine & the Empire and even before the birth of Anakin Skywalker, there was a Dark Lord of the Sith named Darth Plagueis. He had such an immense knowledge of midi-chlorians that he was able to manipulate them to create life and save those who were close to him. Eventually, he taught his apprentice, Darth Sidious (Sheev Palpatine), everything he knew and was of no further use to the future Emperor. So, as the rule of two expressed, Sidious killed Plagueis in his sleep and took on his own apprentice.

The key words here are that Plagueis could create life.

Plagueis's death is believed to be concrete, Sidious had killed him. But what if this was only one side of the story. What if Sidious only thought that he had murdered his master. What if Plagueis was actually able to recreate himself using midi-chlorians. Assuming all this to be true, Plagueis is able to bring himself back to life with the help of midi-chlorians.

Most important thing here is that Plagueis was able to bring himself back to life with the use of midi-chlorians.

Fast forward a couple years. Plagueis is on a mission to bring himself back into power. His former apprentice has turned on him and he escaped death but with a cost. He is scarred and still weak. Plagueis goes in search of something to sustain his life and in his search, lands on a planet called Tatooine.

Plagueis is attempting to put his life back together and in searching for proper life support, he lands on Tatooine.

Plagueis ventures the sand hell and runs into a slave women, owned by a Toydarian named Watto. He knows that he can no longer be a Sith as it would not fulfill the Rule of Two but he also has a strong grasp of the dark side. He chooses to create his own branch of the Dark Side, separate from the Sith. Plagueis uses his power to create a child that he hopes will one day be his proper heir and apprentice, one who will be as powerful as him and will take control of the Galaxy. He manipulates the midi-chlorians and gives the slave woman, Shmi, a child. This child grows up to become Anakin Skywalker.

Shmi and a young Anakin Skywalker
Shmi and a young Anakin Skywalker

Plagueis decides to wield his own faction of the dark side, separate from the Sith. He uses midi-chlorians to create life within Shmi, who gives birth to Anakin.

He leaves Tatooine to continue rebuilding himself and his new faction of the dark side. Approximately 9 years later, he returns to Tatooine to meet his heir and teach him of the dark side. Upon arrival he interrogates Shmi and finds that Anakin has been picked up by a Jedi named Qui-Gon Jinn. He purposely drops Shmi off at a Tusken Raider camp where she is tortured and eventually dies in the arms of her son. Plagueis leaves Tatooine and again ventures off into the Outer Rim.

Shmi's unfortunate death caused by Plagueis
Shmi's unfortunate death caused by Plagueis

Plagueis finds that Anakin is with the Jedi now and leaves Shmi to die in the hands of Tusken Raiders. He then ventures to the Outer Rim.

Now that his plan has failed to create an heir, Plagueis goes into hiding to establish his faction of the Dark Side. Meanwhile, Order 66 is carried out and the Jedi are of little to no threat to the Sith. The Emperor takes control of the Galaxy. Many years pass and the Empire falls. Darth Vader, once Anakin Skywalker and the heir to Plagueis's new faction, is now dead. Plagueis realizes that he must come out of seclusion and attempt to create a new heir. He meets a women and similar to what he had done years ago with Shmi, he uses midi-chlorians for a unnatural birth.

Plagueis goes into seclusion and does not come out until the fall of the Empire and death of Anakin. He finds a new host for his next heir and uses midi-chlorians for a new child.

But who is this woman that Plagueis impregnates? For the purpose of this theory, let's nickname her Host 2. The importance of Host 2 is not of her own, but her mother. Her mother is none other than the Rogue One character played by Felicity Jones. And who might the father of this Host 2 be? A man that has seen the worse of the war and has secluded himself to Tatooine to protect a kid named Luke Skywalker. His name is Ben Kenobi who falls in love with Felicity Jone's character (which is not uncharacteristic of him as he had also fallen in love with Satine Kryze previously). Obi-Wan later disappears and only years later does Felicity Jone's character find out that it was to protect Luke.

Felicity Jone's character in Rogue One falls in love with Obi-Wan Kenobi and together they have a child (nicknamed Host 2). Host 2 is then chosen by Plagueis to give birth to his next heir.

It is about 10 years after the fall of the Empire, and now Host 2 is pregnant with Plagueis's midi-chlorian assistance. Plagueis now realizes that he cannot wait as long as he did with Anakin as there is a powerful Jedi named Luke Skywalker that is venturing to find children of the Force. Host 2 gives birth to a baby girl and shortly after, Plagueis reveals himself to Host 2. Host 2 runs after hearing of what Plagueis intends on doing with their child. Plagueis chases after the mother and his child. Plagueis finally corners Host 2 and the child. He pulls out his red lightsaber to strike Host 2 when suddenly a green lightsaber combats his. It is the powerful Jedi, Luke Skywalker. They engage in an intense battle and eventually, Luke overcomes Plagueis and scars his face but Plagueis is able to run away.

Plagueis attempts to kill Host 2 and retrieve his heir, a baby girl. Luke Skywalker is able to fight off and scar Plagueis's face and save Host 2 and her child.

Luke and Host 2 speak and come to an agreement-the child is not safe with Host 2. They travel to a remote planet named Jakku where they drop off the little girl. Both agree to never return to Jakku as it would endanger the girl and lead Plagueis right to her. Host 2 goes into hiding and Luke returns to train new Jedi, one of which includes Ben Solo, his nephew. 20 more years pass. Between those 20 years Host 2 is found by Plagueis and killed but Plagueis is weakened by his fight with Luke. He is scarred and defeated but he decides to put forth his ultimate plan.

The planet Jakku that Luke hides the little girl on
The planet Jakku that Luke hides the little girl on

The child of Host 2 is sent to Jakku, where she will be safe from Plagueis. Within 20 years after this, Host 2 is killed by Plagueis and although weakened, he goes through with his ultimate plan.

The faction of the dark side that he has been planning is slowly coming into fruition. Before venturing forward with his plans, he renamed himself to remain anonymous to the few that know of his past, for example Lor San Tekka. He therefore dubs himself DARTH JAR JAR BINKS!


Just kidding, he dubs himself Supreme Leader Snoke. Plagueis (now Snoke) forms the Knights of Ren and finds out about his great grandson, Ben Solo. He reveals himself to Ben Solo who betrays Luke and joins Snoke in the dark side. He partners with the remnants of the fallen Empire, now creating the First Order.

The First Order
The First Order

Plagueis dubs himself Snoke to avoid being recognized by his old name. He then forms the Knights of Ren (who is lead by his newly converted great grandson, Kylo Ren) and the First Order.

There is only one person who can now stop this new evil. Who is this person? The little girl (now about 20 years old) that was sent to Jakku, Rey.

Rey who could be described as Anakin's step-sister
Rey who could be described as Anakin's step-sister

Information that supports this theory:

  • Snoke's theme in the new score for Episode VII mirrors that of the music played in Plagueis's only canon appearance, when Palpatine tells Anakin of his former master.
  • Kylo Ren has obvious knowledge of a girl from Jakku which is apparent in Force Awakens. Likely the reason for that is because Snoke had told him of his proper heir during his training.
  • Supreme Leader Snoke has battle damage apparent on his face. It could have been from Palpatine's force lightning power when he presumably killed his master.
  • Although Plagueis is the species Munn in the Legends (not canon) stories, the movies and current novels (canon) do not specify his species. This is why it makes sense for Snoke to look different than a Munn in the film and could still be Plagueis.
  • There are many more reasons that this could be true, especially with the mysteriousness behind Rogue One. I'll include more information as more facts are concrete!

Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens continues to show in theaters globally.


What do you think of my theory?


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