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Yesterday we found out Halloween has been released from the chains of Dimension Films, and is now in search of a new home. To the average person this might not seem like a big deal, but to a horror movie fan it should be.

Now whether this is good news or bad news is entirely up to you. I personally think it's the best and biggest horror movie news to break in years.

Here's why.

1. A Shared Universe Could Finally Become A Reality Now

While this is obviously just speculation, a slasher movie universe involving Michael Myers could eventually become a reality. Before, the odds of us seeing a crossover of this sort was spectacularly low. However, now that the Halloween rights can be picked up by a new studio, particularly New Line Cinema, Paramount, or Lionsgate, the chances of that crossover film happening have risen dramatically. I understand there are a few horror fans out there who aren't excited about this, and that's okay! Because there's another reason why we should be excited about Halloween moving away from Dimension Films.

2. Dimension Films Was One of The Worst Things To Happen To The 'Halloween' Movies. Now The Beloved Franchise May Rise To New Heights

Dimension Films was not very beneficial to the Halloween franchise. Back in 1995 they had the rights to Halloween and put out Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers... not a great start. The only successful Halloween flicks were the ones with a catch. Halloween H20 was extremely successful because Jamie Lee Curtis made her return as Laurie Strode after 20 years. Rob Zombie's first Halloween remake was also extremely successful and even holds the record for the biggest box office opening on Labor Day. However, it's no coincidence people were rushing to see it because it's a re-imagining of the greatest horror movie ever made. So you see, Dimension couldn't put out a great Halloween flick without something big to pull audiences in. Then, once they released a successful installment, they'd hurry and put out another poorly thought out sequel. The results of this process were of course the two worst Halloween films: Halloween Resurrection and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. So according to this pattern, the next Halloween film would have been a box office smash, with the one after being a failure. The good thing is now that the series has moved away from Dimension, we could get one good Halloween movie after another, minus the gimmicks.

3. A Shared Universe Will Make Horror Exciting Again

An event of this magnitude will only do good for the horror genre. Which is in need of something to put the excitement back into it. The '70s and '80s were obviously better times because everything was original. Now it's all about making sequels to franchises that have been worn down. Yes I'm looking at you Paranormal Activity. The first one was creepy, but there really isn't a reason for them to have dragged on this long. Then again, some of you are probably thinking the same can be said about these iconic slasher franchises. I beg to differ though. Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason, and the others are pop culture icons for a reason. The fans made them what they are, and the fans are the reason they keep on going. Contrary to modern horror franchises like Paranormal Activity. Which is one of many that are only around because they bank millions more than what it takes to make them. Not because people are necessarily begging for their return.


Would You Want To See Slashers Get Their Own Shared Universe?

4. This Could Possibly Open Up A Door To More Merchandise And Even Gaming

Art by Glooh
Art by Glooh

Allowing Michael Myers to get with a studio that has control over other horror movie villains could possibly mean more cool merchandise like comics and collectibles. The biggest thing would be a fighting game with all of the popular Horror movie villains in it though. If the Halloween rights end up with New Line Cinema, this could become a major possibility.

What Are The Chances of All This Even Happening?

Now that the Halloween rights are back on the market, the chances of it ending up with a company like New Line or Paramount are considerably high. These studios will obviously see the potential in snatching up Halloween and making loads of money. We'll see what comes of all this speculation soon enough.

If it all plays out right, we could potentially be on the brink of a new age in Horror. And if it doesn't, at least we'll get to watch better Halloween movies!


What Do You Think? Could The Second Golden Age In Horror Be Upon Us?


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