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This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ep. VII and future Star Wars films.

For those of you who have NOT seen the new Star Wars movie, I highly suggest you do so! Everything in that movie is cinematic gold; from the the new characters to the classic ones, this film displays a 2h 30min long sequence of pure nostalgia! However, Many parts in the film seem to be raising a lot of questions. I am going to answer the biggest question that was on my mind. So with that being said...



DANGER AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WARNED YOU........

Hello to those of you who have seen the film or haven't and just like to live dangerously!

I also like to live dangerously
I also like to live dangerously

So as I was saying before... my biggest question (that i'm sure other people had as well) was:

Is Kylo Ren really Dead???

As we see in the last 20 minutes or so of the film, Kylo Ren was just struck down by Rey, and is left on The First Order's Starkiller base. When Chewie comes to the rescue and leaves the collapsing planet, Kylo Ren (along with other members of The First Order) are left there to die! Or was he.....

In the final battle between Rey and Kylo Ren, she finishes him off with a striking slash to the face. The camera then cuts to Kylo ren on the ground, gasping for air. Why would the filmmakers emphasize the scar on his face rather than just kill him off? My theory is because they are going to bring him back but looking a little different!

Another form of evidence is after the fight. During the collapse of the planet, General Hux runs to see Supreme Leader Snoke, to tell him that the planet is collapsing and The First Order has failed. Supreme Leader Snoke then replies with:

"Leave the planet at once, and bring Kylo Ren.... It is time to complete his training."

After Snoke says this, the camera cuts to Rey and chewie boarding the Millennium Falcon and Rey looks back at the battle scene.... Maybe she saw or heard something???

If that isn't evidence enough for you, then this might do:

so that pretty much solves all of that!


Han Solo is rumored to come back as well, according to an article posted by Although it is unclear that Solo will be coming back alive or in a flashback, we are expected to see him somehow in the new film. Another person to join the Star Wars family is Benicio Del Toro coming in as a new villain!

I for one am extremely excited to see what happens next for the Star Wars series, but until then you can expect to see the next film on:

May 26, 2017


Do you think that Han Solo will come back alive or in a flashback sequence?


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